3 Instagram Analytics Tools That You Should Check Out Now - 2021

3 Instagram Analytics Tools That You Should Check Out Now – 2021

Instagram has proved to be more than a social media platform to most of its users. With nearly 855 million users, Instagram, known as the best free online social networking platform. Thus, Instagram used to build brand awareness and strategize marketing campaigns online. Additionally, many companies now use Instagram to gain a good fan or customer base through online marketing, product launches or sales, etc.  Here are 3 Instagram Analytics Tools that help boost your business in 2021.

Top 3 Instagram Analytics Tools

Instagram Analytics Tool

Through Instagram, one can grow its brand with the right analysis of the audience and their engagement. Moreover, this analysis can be done with the help of Instagram Analytics tools. However, Instagram provides inbuilt insights on the audience engagement and the insights on the posted content as well. With the help of these stats, the users can learn about their audience and the performance of their posts. Furthermore, one can understand the impression and reach of the audience, the views on their profile, story views, likes, the user follows, etc. 

Instagram Analytics tools are more advanced with their stats as they interpret and analyze successive patterns for the user or brand growth. The information and stats provided by Instagram are limited whereas these analytics tools can help an individual user or a company to analyze and grow their engagement in a better way. 

We have some of the top listed Instagram Analytics tools which are used by brands and influencers:


Instagram Analytics Tool

Squarelovin is known to be an advanced Instagram Analytical tool in the field of social commerce and visual marketing. Companies can gain access to the analysis of their recent posts and it’s growth. In addition to this, users can learn the interests of their audience and the content preferred by them. To improve engagement and maximize visibility, users can gain insights on the best time to post their content on the feed and stories. 


Instagram Analytics Tool

This platform provides top analysis and tools to grow businesses on Instagram as well as on Facebook. Iconosquare isn’t a free rather paid application. and is known to be leading in the industry by providing more than just analytics. It provides tools to schedule posts and plan content. Iconosquare comes along with a free Instagram Audit tool that provides 20+ metrics improving your account engagement, settings, and post-optimization.


It is more of a Social Media Management Platform that provides more than analytics. Hence, to improve user performance on multiple networking accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, and others. Hootsuite is a user-friendly software that lets the user manage analytics and content on a single dashboard. 

These are some of the leading Instagram Analytics tools that have helped brands and users to improve their performance. Additionally to socially and grow their business. The analysis and tools enable the user to work their social media in the right way. Thus, to effectively develop their engagement and profile. 

There are many other Analytical tools which offer different tools and features for analysis:

  • Sprout Social 
  • SocialPilot 
  • KeyHole 
  • SocialFox
  • HypeAuditor and more

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