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Instant Messaging Apps like Signal And Telegram Benefitting From Whatsapp’s Privacy Concerns

Several Indians have made their switch to alternative instant messaging apps replacing WhatsApp. The major driving factor that led to this action was the concerns of privacy after WhatsApp disclosed its policy to share data with its parent company Facebook.

Private messaging apps like Signal and Telegram witnessed a spike in the number of downloads. Majority of which came from Asia. Additionally, Sensor Tower, an app analytics firm confirmed that in the duration of five days between 5th January and 10th January alone. Telegram had 1.5 million new downloads and Signal saw 2.3 million downloads.

Both of these apps have benefited from WhatsApp’s privacy woes. Signal has gained a stronger user base in India. According to App Annie, the Signal app was ranked outside the top 1,000 apps. However, on January 4th. And it rose to rank six by January 10th.  Meanwhile, Telegram which ranked 21 rose to 15.

After the realization of an immense number of downloads from India. Signal said that we could expect an introduction of features. A few of them included, chat wallpapers, animated stickers, and an about field in user profiles. A change in the upper limit of the group call option also increased from five users to eight.  This followed by a tweet posted from Signal’s official account. It read, “There will never be ads in Signal because your data belongs in your hands, not ours.”

The fact that WhatsApp’s recent move has drastically affected its user base cannot be neglected. At the same time, the lifecycle of these apps in far behind WhatsApp. Due to which they may introduce premium features as a move towards a gradual monetization. 


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