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Does Interstate Shipping Make Sense for Your Business in 2021?

interstate shipping

One of the biggest advantages of eCommerce eis that you get to sell in places you couldn’t have imagined. Right from a small village in Ranchi to the metro cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. Online selling can take you places without even moving a step physically. With interstate shipping, you can deliver your products to the far off places with ease. 

With advancement in logistics services, interstate shipping has become an easy affair. It is helping eCommerce sellers reach out to newer areas. Moreover, it is also giving customers from all over the nation to a chance to shop at their convenience. 

Even in a lot of rural areas today, people have access to mobile phones, and thanks to the boost in eCommerce, deliveries are facilitated to all such areas. With eCommerce deliveries happening in every city and narrow lane, customers are shopping even more. This is giving extraordinary opportunities for eCommerce companies to come up and make their mark with their ideas.

If you think you can get your hands into interstate shipping as well, you’re at the right palace. We’ll take you through the process of interstate shipping. We will also tell you the top interstate shipping partners for eCommerce. 

What is Interstate Shipping?

interstate shipping

Interstate shipping means shipping a product from one state to another, and it is an essential aspect of e-commerce. Living in a vast country like India, sometimes it gets challenging to ship the product from one state to another due to geographical distance. 

With the help of interstate shipment, this problem eradicates. With the introduction of the GST, the interest rate of shipping has become more comfortable than before. Many complex task procedures have been done away. However, there are some state-level taxes that businesses will need to pay. Although it is now possible to pay them online, that has erased red-tapism to a great extent.

Top Courier Services for Interstate Shipping

While searching for a perfect business-to-business carrier, one would run into different and countless options. Still, the following are some of the best options for inter-state shipping courier services.

Blue Dart

Blue Dart for interstate shipping in India is one of the best delivery services. It provides fast delivery with low cost options. Blue Dart is a reliable courier service. And this is not just in India but Asia as well. Blue Dart is known for its fastidious services and express delivery options. If you want to deliver something at the lowest costs, you can count on Bluedart for the job. Similarly, if you are shipping a fragile item, you can count on Bluedart for its unprecedented services. In addition to this, Blue Dart also has a wide customer reach, which can help you deliver to the remotest locations in the country.


Delhivery is one of the most authentic partners for interstate shipping as it aims to deliver customer satisfaction. It also offers services like reverse logistics and international shipments. Moreover, it caters to the needs of a successful E-Commerce business in India. It picks up the shipment directly from your doorstep. Delhivery has a separate courier division in the country. It helps take the parcels to the customer’s doorsteps and deliver with complete efficiency. You can count on delivery for their fast and rapid courier services. In addition to this, Delhivery also offers tracking to its customers.


When it comes to interstate shipping, FedEx has a less complicated and hassle-free process, especially when it comes to E-Commerce shipment. This company is known for its shipping options and COD services due to which there is increased customer satisfaction and fast delivery of products. FedEx can help you stay on track on your parcels with reliable tracking. Apart from informing the seller about the parcel, FedEx also sends an SMS to the customer about the same. This way both the seller and the customer remain informed. 


Xpressbees is another renowned name in India’s fast interstate shipping services. It is used by various e-commerce companies to ship the product at a lower cost. It is a one-stop destination for delivering e-commerce parcels with same-day delivery. Xpressbees is also available for interstate shipping and provides next-day delivery and cash on delivery services. It also includes try and buy services. You can find a lot of budding eCommerce brands shipping their products via Xpressbees. This is because the company has earned a name for itself with its reliable services. Apart from that, Xpressbees is a one-stop courier company when it comes to customer satisfaction. Most of their products are delivered before the delivery date. 


It is one of the great couriers for shipment, providing low cost and POS options for logistic requirements. eCommerce sellers can easily track their orders without waiting for days. Shadowfax is a relatively new courier company but has established its reputation with promise in parcel delivery. Even when we talk of interstate shipping, Shadowfax has a reputed name in the market. In case you are worried about returning parcels, Shadowfax has a solution for that as well. It takes your business to new heights with a distinguished level of customer satisfaction. Overall, Shadowfax makes for a reliable and low cost interstate shipping company.


DHL is undoubtedly one of the finest and renowned courier partners in the country; you can use its services to ship in India and 20 countries globally. It offers one of the fastest parcel delivery services. However, for domestic shipping, DHL operates under Blue Dart to ship products via the express delivery option of DHL without spending a lot of money. DHL is not just a good shipping company but also one of the front running and technologically advanced logistics companies. To identify the best shipping company, one can start to determine factors to evaluate the needs and choose the best shipping solution for the business.


GATI is an Indian logistics service that offers the fastest delivery service. It was established in 1989. it offers express and express plus for customer satisfaction and delight with COD options. 

Rate identification is most crucial as business to the business will focus on the provider that offers the lowest shipping rates. Some business people can negotiate their rates with careers if they have enough volume.

First Flight

First FLight is one of the most renowned courier companies in India. It is a good shipping partner if you’re looking for options around interstate shipping. First Flight helps you fulfil your promises to your customers. It takes your business to your customer’s doorstep with the same love and care that you want. When you partner with First Flight you’re not handing over your business to someone else. Moreover, First Flight is also quite affordable and has a robust tracking mechanism in place. Using it, you as well as your customers can keep an eye on your parcels. 

Ecom Express

Ecom Express is yet another courier company in the world of eCommerce. It is a reliable courier company and used by more than a few sellers across India. Ecom Express even has a separate division for international shipping. So, in case you want to expand your business from interstate shipping to international, you can opt for Ecom Global services. In addition to this, Ecom Express has a greater reach to customers in India and offers cash on delivery options to its customers. In case you’re looking for just one courier service, we suggest you opt for Ecom Express. 


Another yet popular interstate shipping partner is DTDC. You can rely on DTDC for your parcel with closed eyes. The company has earned its name with years of hard work in the industry. In addition to this, DTDC provides proper tracking of its packages. Both the customer as well as the seller can stay informed about the whereabouts of the package. DTDC guarantees quality delivery and a superior customer experience. Most of all, it ensures that you are able to grow your business without having to invest too much of the resources.


Connection speed is essential in case you need a carrier that offers fast connection speeds and dependable uptime. The carriers themselves are not technology companies. It makes direct connections more challenging and less reliable.

Reliability is essential for you to choose the carrier that can reliably get your shipment to their destination regional carriers of special delivery. Private carriers offer superior tracking and reliable delivery to International addresses.

It is crucial to find the right balance of flow rate, fast connection speeds, and tracking information. You’ll know which carrier will work best for your business but you’ll have to give them a try. An authentic option is to use a third party logistic company for your brand. Dash101 is India’s lowest cost shipping platform, that helps eCommerce sellers ship to 26000+ pin codes at the fastest speeds. When it comes to interstate shipping you get the lowest rates starting at Rs 23/500gms. 


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