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Magento Extensions for eCommerce Your Business Needs Right Now

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If you have a store running on Magento, there’s a lot that you can do. For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, Magento is one of the best eCommerce store building tools out there. It offers plenty of features for sellers to grow their business. In addition to this, there are a handful of Magento extensions for eCommerce that can take your business to an entirely new level.

Wondering what these are? Let’s take a look at the top of the Magento extensions for eCommerce.

Top Magento Extensions for eCommerce

Language Translator 

eCommerce has a wonderful power over all other businesses. It helps people reach out to the world from the comfort of their homes. But, there is only one issue. As you reach out to the world using your webstore, there might come a time when your customers don’t understand your website. In other words, different geographical regions have different languages. 

And even though English is widely spoken in most parts of the world, people prefer their native languages. Therefore, to create an impression with the customer as well as extend your reach to new geographical areas, having a language translator can help. Sell your products to anyone and anywhere in the world. Magento’s language translator tool is very valuable when it comes to this. It is one of the best Magento extensions for eCommerce.

Live Chat

Live chat, one of the best Magento extensions for eCommerce, is rapidly gaining traction around the world. It helps customers easily find answers to the most pressing queries. In fact, the live chat can also connect to a real support agent within a span of seconds. Adding a Live Chat option to your website can serve several purposes. It helps you identify the immediate queries of your new buyers and makes them feel like you’re a trustworthy brand.

 Similarly, for your old customers, you provide an easy way to reach out to the support. Having a chat option also reduces the waiting time on telephones that otherwise causes frustration for both the customer support team and the customer. Magento offers Live Chat extension for eCommerce store owners. With this you can stay connected 24*7 and respond via desktop or mobile whichever feels convenient to you. 

MageMob Admin Extension

MageMob is a great Magento extension for eCommerce. If you’re running an eCommerce store it is important to keep a close eye on the analytics. In other words, you have to understand the pattern of your website visitors and make attempts to convert them. However, it is often difficult to purchase full fledged website analytics software. Thanks to Magento’s ention MageMob Admin, sellers can now keep a track of their website statistics easily. All they have to do is checkout the plugin on their mobile phones or desktop. And within minutes they can manage orders, update inventory, sales, customer interactions and other reports. 

Gift Card Extension

How about an extension that helps you create gift cards in your online store. Gift cards are an excellent gift option for people. In fact theri trend is already growing these days. Many people often don’t know what to buy for their friends and family. So, they purchase gift cards from a store they know will suit their needs. It is also observed that customers often spend more when they purchase gift cards instead of when they purchase actual gifts. By adding a gift card to your website, you are providing customers with an excellent option to make the most of their purchases online. They can spend as much as they want on the gift card that can be only spent on your website. So, even though no product is being sold directly, you are making your profits. Gift cards are one of the best Magento extensions for eCommerce. 

magento extensions for ecommerce

One-step Checkout Extension 

A one-step checkout extension simplifies your store’s checkout process. It reduces the number of customers who might abandon the purchase due to filling repetitive information forms while ordering. This module simplifies the payment steps and creates a better view for the customers, and it is quite similar when it is displayed on one page without going to another page.  

When users want to purchase, it makes everything easy and transparent. Usually, customers have to do many things and go to many different pages to acquire a product, which is not convenient. With the help of Magento one page checkout, it simplifies all this best, and as the name implies, it will collect the whole process of payment into a single page with the help of which the customer would feel that shopping is much more comfortable. This checkout extension’s fundamental advantage is that it has good interactivity and high speed with a smart process.

Banner slider extension is the best solution to graph visitor attention with a series of images. It helps to make the website more eye-catching and attractive to the customer. This extension is an effective solution as owners can place other banners at or advertising campaigns at the top of the site to craft consumers’ attention. It highlights the promotion campaigns and events and also analyzes reports for the effectiveness of slides.

Megamenu Extension 

Mega Menu extension mainly helps business retailers create the best sitemap of the website. The chances of visitors quickly finding what they are looking for improves. Moreover, the possibility of the return customers increases because of the user-friendly interface. It is very well responsive to the mobiles and can be used without any coding skills. It doesn’t affect the website speed and maintains the flexibility with the different content showing off.

SEO Extension

SEO extension is a software that automatically marks a website’s criteria. Moreover, it then suggests changing its content and designing your website SEO friendly. One can quickly import and export product tags and make the product SEO friendly. In addition to this, you can also add meta tags, data feeds, URL directs, and optimizes your meta descriptions for greater visibility. 

Zopim Live Chat Extension

Open live chat is an online chat tool of Zendesk. You can use it to monitor the number of visitors of your website. As a result, the owner can know what product page the users are stopping at. And then prepare their website to better consult with them. It also allows the owners to change the look and feel of the theme. With open live chat, owners can directly chat with the consumers on the website effortlessly.

Email Follow Up Extension.

Email follow up extension helps to build a healthy relationship with the customers. We know that email marketing has become one of the fastest-growing trends. However, It is not surprising that email follow-up is a convenient and straightforward means of communication between the merchant and the consumer. In fact, it is a perfect solution that provides functionality to create a highly targeted custom email for business needs. Moreover, it helps to interact with the interested clients using the email to boost the sales. Modify the email content according to preferences and also send the email for order status change etc.

Google Extension

Google shopping is a free service from Google. it is also one of the popular Magento extensions for eCommerce. It allows customers to search and compare the product when they buy online. It is a module with which the owner can submit all of the products to Google shopping and create new windows and save from the Google network. One can easily export the product data to Google shopping and create data feed and increase traffic.

Marketplace Integration Extension 

The marketplace integration Magento extension for eCommerce provides a user interface to manage the product listing. Some of the key features of integration extensions are that it is a user-friendly interface and bulk uploading of the products with ease. Destination allows the store admin to create a shipping template and helps with inventory and order management.

Magento POS Extension 

Magento extension for eCommerce, POS, allows for updating the quantity of exported and imported goods and monitoring turnover. For each customer, rather than having managers add up all the numbers and systems automatically update with each sale, warehouse management, etc.

It enhances the store’s ability to sell. Moreover, it is simple and easy to use, which is easy to manage everywhere and every time. It is cost savings and absolutely accurate, and also compatible with all the internet-connected devices.

Barcode Management Extension

Barcode management is one of the best Magento extensions for eCommerce. It helps to manage thousands of SK used smartly with a barcode management plugin; one can automate many operations. It is much easier and faster for one to manage inventory using a barcode. Barcode management plugin can help choose information about the encoded product and the flexibility to create barcode templates and print barcodes. With barcode management, the customer does not have to wait for the payment to simplify the steps of commodity management and minimize time spending on tracking commodity fluctuations and actual inventory.

Conclusion: Best Magento Extensions for eCommerce

Now that you know about Magento extensions for eCommerce, it is time you fix the most important element of your online business. We’re talking about shipping. The right shipping provider can amplify your online efforts and take your business to the next level. Dash101 is one such eCommerce logistics platform that helps you take off with your business. Ship to 26000+ Pin codes at shipping rates starting at Rs 23/500 gms. 


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