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101 Online Small Business Ideas to Kick Off Your New Year 2021

online business ideas

Today there are more than a few lucrative opportunities available at low cost around the world. This means that if you have a good idea, you can easily turn it into a profitable business. And guess what? You don’t even have to step out of your home to do that! I’m sure you must have heard about eCommerce. Because in this post you will be learning about the best online business ideas that can help you take off your entrepreneurial spirit in no time.

When you have everything in the market to help you set up your business, it all comes down to the perfect idea. Especially now that the entire world is recovering with the pandemic faster than ever, several new opportunities have come up. If you’re not quick enough to utilize these, someone else will. 

With the right idea and the ongoing boost in the eCommerce sector, there is nothing stopping you from a profitable business. eCommerce can give you the ultimate flexibility you’ve been looking for. You might be someone already having a full time job or looking forward to making some extra income. No matter what, online business can be one of the best things you can look forward to for making money. 

So, as you take control of your life and leverage the market opportunities, all you need is a good idea. Read on to find the 101 best online business ideas for you!

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2 101 Online Business Ideas

Why Do You Need Online Business Ideas?

Launching a business from your home can save you significant business costs. Take a look below-

  • There is no need to set up a brick and mortar store. This means close to no capital investment
  • No need to hire staff or salespeople. A website can do it for you
  • You can target the audience sitting in any part of the world
  • Leverage personal flexibility and space by being your own boss

Making money online is fascinating. But it is also a tricky concept. Do you ever wonder why hundreds of businesses shut down in the market every day? Or even with all the means available to conduct business operations, most people fail to make the mark? It all comes down to online business ideas!

The need for a business idea is as important as setting it up. Consider it the foundation pillar for your dream. You need an idea that can help you make money without much investment. At the same time it must also appeal to your audience and catch their attention. 

Here are a few reasons why you absolutely need online business ideas-

Save Time on Research

Starting a new business requires an intensive amount of research. Be it finding the suppliers, identifying the right market or more, you need to do a lot of research. But, the most important comes to the idea. When you have the business idea right in front of you, half of your work is done.

Online business ideas don’t just have to be impressive but also authentic. For this reason, you need an idea that is not only well researched, but also trending. There are chances that you might come by an idea that could have worked a few years ago. But, unfortunately, as per the current demands in the market, that idea is non existent. 

Customer Preferences

When you launch a business, it is all about your customers. In other words, you sell products that your customers want. Therefore, your business idea should revolve around your customer preferences. If it’s not, you might not be able to impress your customers.

Suited for Small Business

Online business ideas must be suited for small business. There are chances that you might come across business ideas that require a lot of investment or technological support for set up. While they might sound lucrative, they might not be the best option for you. Look for something that is easy to do and promising without a lot of investments.

online business ideas

101 Online Business Ideas

Now that you know why you need online business ideas, let’s move on. Take a look at the checklist below and get started with your business!

eCommerce Store

eCommerce stores can help you take off your business idea in the blink of an eye. If you have found a physical product to sell, leverage ecommerce. You can create your own store from scratch. Alternatively, you can also sell on a marketplace and leverage their audience. 


An ebook is another brilliant online business idea. If you think you’ve got what it takes to spellbind a reader, eBook is the perfect for you. Tap into the writer and create something that intrigues your target audience.

Buying and Selling Website

Buying and selling websites help you make money within no time. All you have to do is provide a platform where sellers can come and sell your products. Similarly, on the same platform the buyers will come and purchase the products. The more traffic you get, the better it gets for you.

Software as a Service

With the Internet reforming every other industry, business has become more dynamic. With this, another popular business idea that has emerged is software as a service. In other words,you create a digital product and charge your customer for using it. 

3D Printing Service

With rapid advancement in technology, 3D printing has picked up pace. Be it construction material or parts that help build a complicated product. If you can invest in a 3D printer, you can tap into the market and make profits.

Affiliate Marketing

Becoming an affiliate of someone’s products can be an excellent way to start your business. This means that all you have to do is try to bring traffic to your website and sign up to an affiliate program of your choice. So, when the traffic starts coming in, they buy the product that you are an affiliate of. In return you get commission from the parent company whose products you’re selling.

Handmade items

Handmade items have been ruling the market since long. They are an excellent way to make money. The point is that people love to have creative items that remind them of an earthly touch. You can partner with a manufacturer for handmade items and sell them online. 

Digital Product Store

A great online business idea is to set up your digital product store. Be it ebooks, services or any other digital product that comes in your mind can be put here. Digital products are becoming the next biggest thing among customers. 

Mobile App

If you are a developer or you can invest in a development team, mobile apps are a great online business idea. They can help you tap into the device that users use the most- mobile phones. 

Outsourced Work

Companies today outsource a large part of their work. Be it content services,c customer services, office interiors or anything else. Tapping into this market is not only an excellent opportunity but also a profitable one. 

Youtube Channel

Do you think you have what it takes to create awesome video content? Get started with your idea today and rule the world of the Internet. The more traffic you garner, the more you earn from advertisements and sponsorships.

Content Marketing

This is one of the most evergreen online business ideas. If you can write well in a niche, leverage it. Create a blog and make it rank well on the search engine with awesome content.

Stock Photographs

Love photography? Make profits out of it. Click wonderful pictures and sell them as stock photographs. A lot of businesses these days use stock photographs for their website and other purposes. Cater to these needs!

Domain Names

A smart business idea is selling domain names. Do you think you have an idea on the popular domain names people might be looking out for? Purchase these and offer a platform where people looking for domain names can find you!

Business Presentations

Presentations lie at the very core of every business. However, not everyone can create a successful presentation that wins the client. If you know how, turn it into a full time business.

Market Research

Market research is one of the most dreadful things for business owners. Why not do it for them? Tap into a niche and research the market. Create a report and charge for it!

Virtual Training

If you possess the knowledge in any field, convert it to a virtual training. Or get a certification to make your profit more impressive. People today are looking out for various options to learn different things virtually. 


Another successful online business ideas are webinars. They are an excellent way to reach out to an informed audience and appeal to them. If you are a master in a niche, create webinars and teach shell out some wise tips and tricks for money!


Love writing interesting copies that have the potential to turn heads? Now create a professional profile and sell your services to businesses out there. 

Online Business

Online Courses

Platforms like Udemy provide an excellent way to sell your online course material. But, for that you need to create it first. Once you do and people start finding it valuable, there is no going back.


Another great online business idea is dropshipping. Just partner with some suppliers and list their products on your website. The best part is that you don’t even have to store the inventory. Just earn your commission and reputation by bridging the gap between the supplier and the customer.

Online Consultancy

With the pandemic taking over the world, almost every other thing has turned digital. So, if you have an art, or something you are passionate about, offer consultancy. Make sure that you have a credible profile for people to trust you.

Stock Market Trading

When done wisely, stock market trading can help you earn a lot of money. And guess what, you don’t even have to step out of your home. Just trade from the comfort of your home, however, this requires a bit of investment that is subject to market risks. So make sure you research well.


If you have a product or a manufacturer who would like to sell it fast and easy, this is the right option for you. Telemarketing is where you have a database of people and you call them to sell a product. Consider it the modern alternative of door to door marketing.

Technical Writing

Technical writers are hard to find. If you have the knowledge of a field or you can hire some writers under you, this is what you should be doing. Approach companies with your strong profile and make money by writing engaging content. 

Facebook Group

Create a Facebook group and charge people for posting an add. The idea is to have a large relevant audience in your group. This will make it tempting for sellers to advertise. 

Buying on eBay

Ebay is an excellent store to buy products. Some of these might even be antiques that are hard to find. If you can hunt such products and bring it to a local audience, there is nothing like it.


Not a fan of video content? Try podcasts! Share a story or maybe narrate a poem. Give people something to think about in your podcast. Make a business out of your hobby.

Social Selling

Selling on social media platforms can bring you profits like nothing else. Leverage Facebook marketplace or Instagram shoppable tags and drive money by connecting to people.

Project Management

Organizations have special projects running all the time. All you have to do is keep an eye on them and bring in the right team. Whether it is a business event of a company anniversary celebration, take the charge when it comes to managing.

Financial Adviser

Another flourishing online business idea is that of financial advisers. People need financial advisors so that they can invest their money more efficiently. It’s all about helping them make the right decision.

Chrome Extension

Chrome extensions are an instant hit. Be it helping people record their screens or block ads, they are used by everyone and everywhere. With a little investment you can get one built and sell it to your audience.

Lead Generation Business

Another one of the impressive online business ideas is the lead generation business. Just dive down in aniche and find out people who might be interested. Companies buy leads so that they can drive their business, helping you make money.

Fashion Consultation

A lot of people today need fashion consultation. Be their life saviour by offering your valuable advice. 

Designing Tee

T-shirt designing business is one of the most hit online business ideas. With little efforts and creative instincts you can instantly tap into the youth apparel industry.

Logo Designing

Every brand has a logo. However, they all need to start somewhere. This is where you can offer your services. Logo designing is a lucrative opportunity and helps earn handsome profits.


Translate video into words! Help companies create transcripts by offering your services. It is one of the easiest online business ideas you can earn money with.

Custom Software

Not everyone looks for a general solution available in the market. There might be brands looking for a specific software. If you love coding or have a team, this business can take off instantly.


Love cooking? Create and sell your awesome recipes to your crazy foodies and turn it onto a business! People are always looking for reliable and new recipes to enthrall their taste buds.

Selling Music

If you love producing music or mixing it, try selling it. If you are good enough, chances are you’ll have a fan following quite soon enough. You can also sell it to apps that keep exclusive music for their customers.

Voice-over Service

If you have a voice that can create an impact, leverage it for voice over services. Many companies create videos that need voice over of their content. All you have to do is lend your voice to them.

Facebook Advertising

This will require some tutorials at first. Learn how to advertise on Facebook. Help small sellers make the most of their business. Advertisement on Facebook helps amplify sales, which is why every ecommerce seller is doing it. 

Medical Transcription

Another interesting online business ideas are medical transcription. However, you need to have a little bit of background!

Systems Integrator

Many companies have multiple systems or software running across their organization. The job of a systems integrator is to combine all of these. Create a one stop channel for all applications for a business.

SEO Consultation

Search engine optimization is the need of the hour. Every online business needs to rank well on the search engine. This enhances their sales prospects. If you love digital marketing, you can earn money by offering SEO consultancy services.

List Broker

Several brands look for email lists that might be interested in their products. With some market research you can create such a list and sell it to companies in a niche.

Business Plan Creator

Help companies create a business plan! Whether brands are launching a new division or an entirely new business, they need consultation. However, this will require some background in business studies.

Database Consultant

In today’s world if there’s something that sells like nothing else it is the database. Become a database consultation by helping companies create a database that is relevant and rewarding.

Online Business Counselling

Small businesses need assistance in a lot of areas. They want to compete well in the market and gain an edge wherever possible. With smart tactics you can help them. But, make sure you know the game well enough.

Video Editing

Editing videos can never go out of trend. So, it can help you earn money. With a little investment in a video editing course, you can help brands create their dream videos. 

Web Development

If you have a knack for coding and creating websites, this idea is for you. Web development is here to stay for the long run. So, with a good portfolio, you can earn some big clients!

Selling Local Products

A lot of customers are today looking for local products. If you can secure such suppliers and provide quality, your business is going to soar high.

Virtual Assistant

Create a virtual assistant and help brands take advantage of technology for day to day operations. However, you will require to have a good technology background for this.

Influencer on Social Media

If you have the potential to influence people, do it on social media. Post pictures and videos as you help people create a change in their lives. The more you impact people, the more your following grows. 

CV Writer

CV writing is one of the most old school online business ideas. Yet it never goes out of trend. Having said this, you can leverage this opportunity too with a little background in CV writing.

Email Consultant

Email marketing is becoming superhit with each passing day. It is one of the most effective ways of marketing. Help brands create a difference in their email strategy. This can turn into a fruitful full time business.

If you are an expert in legal writing, offer your services to the world. You can create an online platform where people can get in touch with you. 

Social Media Consultant

Manage social media accounts of businesses and help them bring the change they want. If you are interested in digital marketing, this is one of the best online business ideas.

Graphic Design

Become a graphic designer by taking a professional course. Every company needs a graphic designing service. With your expertise, you can offer your services to more than one brand and earn handsome money.

Offline Advertising

Even today people advertise on the billboards. If you want a break from the digital, you can help brands identify opportunities to market business offline.

Gaming Apps

Games keep people entertained. They are also a great way to earn money. If you create a gaming app, there is nothing like it to drive profits and establish a business.

Photoshop Expert

One of the most impressive online business ideas is to become a photoshop expert. LEarn the tool and help people create magic with their photographs.  

Jewellery Selling

Jewellery is another hot selling item. Sell jewellery to your customers on social media, marketplace or your own store. 

Wholesale Items

Create an online platform, where people can buy from you in large quantities. And the price is variable depending on the quantity one buys. Drive more sales as you offer lucrative prices!

Online Tuition

Tutoring services are always in trend. If you know a subject well enough, take classes online. Make sure you establish your credibility well enough.

Virtual Tech Support

People are often stuck with one thing or another over the Internet. Alternatively, if there is some software that requires manual operation, it is possible to often get lost. You can leverage this opportunity by providing virtual tech support to the needy


Ghostwriting is a service where you provide content to people. The same content gets published in another person’s name. This means that you write on behalf of a brand, person or entity. 

Travel Blogging

If you love to travel, share it with the world. Travel blogging and vlogging is one of the best online business ideas. Watch the highest traffic garnering travelers and take inspiration as you get started.

Newsletter Designing

Companies and institutions send out newsletters on a regular basis. This shares the happenings of the place with the readers or audience. For this reason, a newsletter must look good. You can design templates and sell it at a handsome price.

Writing Applications

Another one of the amazing online business ideas is writing applications. All you have to do is learn the right words to fit for the right cause. 

Tender Writing

Companies apply for government tenders. But the documentation in this process is immense. So, if you master the art of formal writing, especially tender writing, you can earn a handsome amount of money.

Ads for Small Business

Small businesses don’t have very diverse requirements. Their demands are concentrated and focus on achieving a small target at a time. Creating ads for a small business can be a full time business of its own.

Second Hand Books

Books can be expensive. Most students struggle to buy books that can help them have in depth knowledge of their subjects. Make this task easier by selling second hand books.

Refurbished Items

Sell refurbished items to interested customers. Be it appliances, mobile phones or furniture. Just make sure that your audience knows you’re selling refurbished items and not fresh ones.

Online Editing

If you’ve got the command over a language, use it for editing. Editing services are a basic necessity in the content market. And if you can do it, you have all the potential to earn well from it.

Data Entry

This might seem like old school, but data entry is one of the best paid part time jobs. It is an easy online business idea that you can take to the next level by securing more than a few clients.

Cleaning and Sanitation Equipment

With the pandemic still going on, the need for cleaning and sanitation has risen. Therefore, people are looking for good quality cleaning soaps, liquids, powders and sanitation sprays. Dive into this opportunity right away!

Web Research

Business clients might need help for a variety of reasons. One of the main things is web research. Take over this responsibility by offering reliable and valuable information.

Test Digital Products

You can become a tester of digital products and earn money. Several applications and brands run beta programs where they pay their people to test their products and services. You can sign up and turn it into a full time business.

Real Estate Mediator

Create a real estate mediator platform and bridge the gap between sellers and buyers. As more and more people register on your website or inquire about properties, the better your business gets.


If you are an expert in more than two languages, you can offer your translation services. It is one of the easiest online business ideas and can help you earn profits right away.

Ad Graphic Designer

Some ads make you stop instantly. Where there are others that you barely notice. Help companies create impactful ad graphics and turn heads. Make profits with this digital service.

Diet Plan Creator

One of the best online business ideas is the diet plan creator. Create a diet plan for your health conscious customers and earn profits with close to no investments. 

Data Analyst

With growing business data all around the world, there is a need to interpret it. This is what data analysts help in. cleaning and filtering the data for actual processing is a must. If you are interested in this field it can be a good business opportunity. 

Manual Annotations

Machine learning has taken the world by storm. However, there is an urgent need to create the right database to train the systems. This requires annotating several images manually. You can do it from the convenience of your homes through a computer and earn money.


Brands and customers love videos. It is one of the most engaging forms of content. So, if you can offer your services to create videos, there is nothing like it. You can work for multiple clients at the same time and earn money. 


Sometimes content just needs to be rewritten. However, the trick for the new content is to not be plagiarized and still engage their audience. If you have got hti skill, it can turn into a full time business.


Take your passion for baking to your customers. Remember that if you provide quality, they will come back for sure.


Offer groceries to your customers in their local area. Study the market and partner with local retailers for a home delivery experience.

Beauty Tutorials

With some knowledge about makeup and hairstyling, you can create beauty tutorials for people. Since this is a growing market, with little efforts you can earn profits.

Garden Equipment

There aren’t many online businesses in this area, so the competition is less for you. Sell your customers authentic and reliable garden equipment to make the most of their hobby.

Dating Platform

Help the single people find their right match with a dating platform. You will need to build a platform and market your business well to succeed.

Travel Consultant

If you know a place really well, be it your city or someplace you’ve travelled, this is for you. Become a travel consultant by offering valuable advice to first time travelers.

Quiz/Icebreaking Platform

With a lot of companies working from home, you can create a platform that acts as an icebreaker between employees. Hire a developer to build you a website where people can play fun quizzes with each other and more.

Customer Service

Small businesses cannot always hire a customer service team. Therefore, they outsource their services. You can tap into this market and offer reliable customer service for brands.

Yoga Teacher

Offer virtual yoga and mediation sessions. Due to the pandemic people are discovering more such options online. This is making it a profit earning sector.

College Application Consultant

Help young college aspirants write quality applications for the programs they are applying. Not only is it a digital offering but also a profitable one, once you earn a reputation.

Wedding Planner

With some research and course in event management, you can start making money. Since people look for wedding planners, tapping into this niche can be profitable.

Online Coaching

Coach people on topics that you’re an expert in! Be it battling depression or motivating someone to achieve their goals, coaching can turn lives around. It doesn’t require much. You only need to have the knowledge of your domain to start and make people trust you.

Sell Private Label

Private label items have a wide audience, if the products are good. You can partner with a manufacturer and create a label under which you sell products exclusively. With good quality, it can turn into an empire.

Food Items

Food items never go out of trend. Whether you want to sell bakery items or home cooked food, just dive in. Partner with a reliable logistics provider and start earning profits.


With all these business ideas at your disposal, all you have to do is pick the one that suits you the best. Explore your options and take time understanding what you really want to do. In case you are passionate about the product, go ahead and take the leap. Just make sure that it fits the requirements of your costumes or solves a particular pain point for them.

The first stop however is creating your eCommerce store. And for this you need not go anywhere else. With Dash101 you can give your eCommerce business a great start. Moreover, when you’re selling physical products, you also need to prepare a shipping strategy. Dash101 lets you leverage its logistics network and ship to 260000+ pin codes from a single platform. No matter what you sell, ship with 8 best courier partners at rates starting from Rs 23/500 gms. Get the best of selling and shipping!


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