Does Online Selling Really Work In 2021? Let’s Find Out

Online Selling

If the question, ‘Does online selling really work’, was asked a couple of years back then yes, one could still doubt that this statement holds true. But lately, the doubt is clear as online selling, or what we call E-Commerce has been through tremendous growth! 

E-Commerce is profitable but not easy. Many individuals are excited about the idea of online selling but only 50% of them have a plan. And E-commerce businesses with no pre-planning, research, and analysis do not exist.

What You Need To Know About Online Selling?

If you are looking forward to beginning a business online, there are a lot of things that go into the bigger picture that we will learn about. First of all, all you need to know is that Online selling or E-Commerce does work if you can absolutely commit to it or passionately work for it.

Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra,etc.. Are some examples of successful brands in the E-commerce industry. Before these companies even came into development, there was the first ever e-commerce website known as started in 1999 by K Vaitheeswaran.

Benefits Of Online Selling

Online selling includes various unknown benefits that help a seller with their business running smoothly. Benefits like;

  • Saving up your operational cost and avoiding rent for an actual marketplace
  • Marketing your products globally through media networks
  • Easy and quick payments online
  • Can save you high investment through online platforms

Market Competition

This term is what fears most entrepreneurs but that’s the nature of the market and you are not the first one to begin. If your product categorizes among the common likes of a major amount of audience then you are more likely to face greater competition from existing businesses. Well, if you really are confident about your products and their marketing then one can make it work with proper planning that includes:

  1. Product Pricing
  2. Comparative Quality & Quantity
  3. Media Marketing
  4. Shipping and many more.

Income and Expenses

Well, another thing that makes us worry about is the cost and profit after the above expenses. If you look at the uniqueness in your product and market it thoroughly through your network then after a period of time you might be able to realize how sustainable and reliable the E-commerce market is with its returns in terms of negligible profits and market recognition.

You can’t expect 100 orders after a week of starting your selling. Of course it takes time but if you give in efforts for a distinctive market and regular marketing and planning, then it seems like an easy task. 

Distinctive Market

This term can be referred to as:

  • The specialty of your product, for e.g; unique design on a customized tee, handmade showpieces, still art, or be it whatever. Find something or bring something eccentric in your product. 
  • Attracting websites or posters; build a media network for your market and keep posting the details of your products and sales regularly.
  • Shipping and payments; keep an efficient shipping and delivery arrangement for the satisfaction of the customer.
  • Compare and analyze; compare your products with other users and analyze what is best for your profit and the likes of the customer.

E-commerce to work well on both sides takes a lot of patience and hard work but you will surely realize how sustainable and reliable this industry is! Hence, why not go ahead and start your online business today. You can create your very own online store in a few clicks. Not sure how? Just click on Dash101 and build your own brand today in less than just a minute. 


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