Online Shopping Websites- The New Age Business Model

Online Shopping Websites- The New Age Business Model

Going digital with one’s business is probably one of the best decisions you’d take as an entrepreneur. In the digital age, nothing works better, faster and more efficiently as an online business! This is where the rise of online shopping websites also comes into picture.

Ecommerce space has made lives easier in just a few clicks. You like something, you add it to cart and place an order; and the next thing you know, it is at your doorstep. But what does it take for online shopping websites to be successful and what are the things a budding entrepreneur should look into before starting their own website? This article is going to talk about exactly that. So stay tuned and get ready to change your game today.

Why You Should have an Online Shopping Website for Your Business

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For starters, you save on additional costs by managing your business online, instead of offline. Renting a space, manpower, electricity etc. are some of the basic things that fall into that list. Apart from cost, here are a few reasons why online shopping websites are doing well:

  1. Their reach is Global. Having an Ecommerce website can help you showcase your products, not just to local markets but also globally.
  2. They provide a 24 hour shopping experience unlike an offline store
  3. The facility of ordering instantly leads to higher conversion rates
  4. There are many online tools available to help grow your brand
  5. Customisation is an option as you can connect with your customers on a personal level, understand their shopping habits, recommend new products etc.

Creating an online shopping website

If you delve further into this, you will realise that there are several portals that allow you to create your very own online shopping website or an e-commerce website for free on their platform. Dash101 is one such website!

At Dash101, you can choose from a variety of themes for your website, backed by powerful ecommerce tools to support and grow your business too. There are also easy payment gateways designed to make user experience seamless. Not just that, Dash101 also caters to logistics and can help you ship products to 27,000 + pin codes, via 8 courier partners. Isn’t that amazing? Do try it out if you want to grow your business today!

Although a lot of entrepreneurs are open to the idea of running their own website, there are also some apprehensions associated with the same. That is why, we are going to list down all the pros and cons of online shopping websites so that it helps one arrive at a decision and figure out whether this will work for their business or not. Without further ado, check out our pros and cons list below:

Pros and Cons of Online Shopping


  1. As compared to the time spent at the store and availability of products there, an ecommerce website offers far more products and helps you place your order instantly.
  2. You don’t have to step out because the product will reach your doorstep.
  3. You can easily send gifts to someone else without having to go to a courier service to send it.
  4. Products are priced better and a lot of exciting discounts are available too.
  5. An owner has more control and can find insights into not just customer behaviour but also get an understanding of products that are doing well, when the sales are high, what the customers need etc.


  1. Since it is online, you may lost track of the time you spend scrolling through the site.
  2. Customers are often afraid of fraud and hoax online shopping websites
  3. There is a possibility of facing shipping related delays
  4. Not every shopping website has the option of COD, hence leaving one vary of whether or not to trust the payment gateway
  5. Improper customer support

Every venture has a list of pros and cons. Your aim as an entrepreneur should be to learn from small business mistakes from your initial days and try not to repeat them. That is the only way to grow not just in your business but also as an entrepreneur.

So, are you going to try out Dash101 to create your very own online shopping website? You have tons of features to explore from so create your website now!


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