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Best eCommerce Store Builder in the Market You Need to Know About in 2021

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eCommerce is the buzzword in the world of business. No matter which industry you’re into, chances are eCommerce has already spread its wings there. With each passing day, more and more sellers are turning to eCommerce. Thanks to online store builder websites, creating an eCommerce store from scratch couldn’t have been easier!

The world of eCommerce is attracting sellers from all walks of life for a variety of reasons. First, the entry barriers to the market are very low. Anyone with a little investment can start their online business. Second, the government policies as well the post pandemic scenario has given a boost to the sector. Therefore, more and more buyers are flocking towards the Internet to purchase their favourite products. And with lucrative offers out there, eCommerce has also led to the downfall of brick and mortar stores to a great extent.

Therefore, in the age of online buyers and sellers, one of the most important elements is a sale platform. And this is where online store builder websites play a huge role. Most sellers know their business pretty well. They know how to compel a customer, understand their needs and fit the product in it. Similarly, they also know about the importance of customer service. All this works perfectly in the retail model.

However, as the model of business shifts to online, more worries crop up. The need to set up a platform where buyers can purchase becomes of prime importance. While the seller understands the business tactics, they might not know about a website. After all, a lot of technical know-how goes into creating a website from scratch and turning it into an ecommerce store. With online store builder websites, setting up an ecommerce store is no longer a hassle.

However, there are too many options available in the market. While some are the popular ones, others are newcomers, but competitive. But don’t worry, if you can’t figure out where to get started. We understand that the decision to create your ecommerce store is a big one. That’s why we’ve got this guide for you. Read on to know more about online store builder websites. 

What is an eCommerce Store Builder Website?

An ecommerce store builder website is your entry to the world of ecommerce business. You might have an excellent business idea. But, without the support of a platform, you will not be able to reach out to your audience. Basically, an eCommerce store builder helps you establish an interface between your business and your target customers.

No matter which online seller you look at, all of them have an eCommerce store. For example, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and others all have their ecommerce stores hosted on the internet. So, when customers want to shop from these brands, they head to, and other websites. 

The eCommerce stores are like the retail stores, but virtual. They have products listed, descriptions written, product images, price, features and other important assets that are required to sell a product. Additionally, they also have a payment gateway enabled, so that customers can pay for their purchases hassle-free. These and other added functionalities such as provision for offers and discounts make an ecommerce platform.

Now imagine how difficult it will be for you to create one of these platforms. Typically, any website requires heavy coding and technical insights. This in turn requires a significant amount of money and resources. But, as a seller, you shouldn’t be concerned about this. Instead, you should be focused on selling your products and growing your business.  

An eCommerce store builder website helps in easing this process. It gives you a ready made platform, that doesn’t require technical knowledge to be set up. All you have to do is list our products and start selling. The backend functionalities are taken care of. 

In other words, a store builder will help you save a lot of time and money in creating an ecommerce store. It will do all the technical work for you, while you just focus on selling. There are different plans that you can subscribe to, when signing up at an eCommerce store builder website. These provide you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of options. 

In simple terms, here is what an eCommerce store builder will do for you-

  • Save you time on creating your own eCommerce store from scratch
  • Help you cut on on your eCommerce investment costs
  • Reach out to customers wherever you want to
  • Provide a payment functionality for your customer
  • Offer discounts and other options 
online store builder websites

How are the Benefits of an eCommerce Store Builder Website?

Now that you have a good idea on what eCommerce store builder websites do, let’s move on. Now we will take a look at the top benefits of a store builder. As a seller, the most important factors for you can be cost savings. But, these platforms offer you more than just that. Take a look below-

Save Time

With an online store builder website, you need not spend time in creating your store from scratch. All you need to do is to sit back and watch your store built. Save time that you would have to otherwise invest in creating a website on your own. Not only would you have to learn coding from scratch but also a lot of other technical skills. In spite of all the learning, implementing and creating a website itself would take a very long time. In addition to this, you will have to make sure that it stays safe at all times. Online websites are prone to cyberattacks, which is why they must be maintained and kept up to date. 

Cut Down on Costs

When you’re creating a website, you have a lot of costs that add up. This includes the cost of choosing a template, investing in the suitable content management system, and more. In addition to this, you also need to add functionalities as you grow your business. For example, creating a coupon provision for customers to use, adding more payment options, changing banners among others. All these are additional costs that you will have to incur as you grow your business. When you are coding your store from scratch this will require disturbing the background elements to a great extent. Alternatively, this might also mean a website downtime when these changes are being made. As a result, you could lose some business and have a damaged reputation. But, with an online store builder website, you don’t need to burden yourself with these additional costs and downtime worries.

No Need to Hire Additional Resources

Managing a website can be a full time job. And if you don’t have the technical know-how, you might need to hire resources. Even if you have the technical skills required to create a website, you’ll eventually have to hire staff. This way you can concentrate on your business decisions, while the resources can manage the store for you. This puts an extra burden on your business. In a manually created store, every little detail has to be done via coding. This means that adding product listings or altering the price and other details will take quite some amount of work. With an online store builder website, you don’t need to hire additional resources. Making changes is as easy as drag and drop. 

Provide Customers a Safe Shopping Experience

eCommerce is a shopping experience where customers pay online. While cash on delivery is one of the options, most customers prefer to pay online. This means that customers have to use their cards or any other wallets to pay for their purchase. In such cases when payments are made online, cyber attacks are prone to happen. As an eCommerce seller, you need to make sure that your customers have a safe shopping experience. Every website must have an SSL certification to begin with. When you are creating your own web store from scratch, you would have to take care of ongoing security issues and various certifications. On the other hand, with an online store builder website, you don’t need to worry about security issues.

Helps Your Business Grow

Growing your business is one of the biggest priorities in eCommerce. As a seller, you’d obviously want to try different things and grow your audience. This also means that you would also have to compete with a wide competition in the market. An online store builder website like Dash101 lets you create an eCommerce store that fosters growth. In other words, as you begin to make sales, your audience will expect newer and better products or features from you. While doing all of this manually is a great challenge, it’s easier with a partner. A store builder software lets you grow your business by adding features as and when you like. 

Ease of Scalability

One of the biggest advantages of using an online store builder website is that it helps you scale your business. This is a very difficult task to achieve otherwise. In other words, there might be times when you would want to grow your business. Alternatively, there might also be a situation when you would have to scale down due to a market situation or a slowdown. In such situations, you need to scale your eCommerce store as well. Having an eCommerce store builder at your side eases things. They let you scale anytime you want. For greater functionalities you can subscribe to some paid plans. Similarly, if you want to scale down, you can unsubscribe from these plans anytime on the go. 

High Quality UI and UX

Customers today are accustomed to an Amazonian kind of experience. In other words, everyone’s first choice for products is Amazon. And that is because the eCommerce giant provides a customer- first experience. This begins from personalization and goes all the way to the UI and UX of the website. For any eCommerce seller this would mean living up to the same expectations. Therefore, you need to reach out to the customers with a near perfect experience. And this requires logical and high quality user experience. With an online store builder website, you get a near perfect store. And with it you can think of competing with giants like Amazon, Flipkart and more.

online store builder websites

Consideration to SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the most important things on the Internet. Most small sellers fail to pay attention to this aspect of eCommerce. As a result, they fail to attract an organic audience. Ever wonder why do websites like Amazon top the list when you google a product? That’s because they’ve worked well on their SEO. However, when you’re starting new, working on your SEO on your own can be difficult. With an online store builder, you can work on your SEO in a pretty easy manner. There are various plugins that you add to your store to keep a check on your SEO. This will help you up your eCommerce game and rank on the search engines well.

Easy to Use

One of the best things about store builder software is that it is easy to use. You don’t need a degree in setting up an ecommerce business. All you have to do is to drag and drop most of the elements. This will enable most of the functionalities in your store. Therefore, with minimum efforts, you can build a professional store. Moreover, when your eCommerce store is pretty easy to build, you can add or remove functionalities anytime you want. This also means that you can test features using A/B testing with ease. All you have to do is make quick variations and watch your user’s responses pouring in. 

Multiple Language Support

If you are targeting customers from a wide number of regions, you need to reach out to them. In other words, if you really want to personalize the experience you need to reach out to them in their language. This task might be challenging to accomplish when you’re creating a store manually. With an online store builder website, it is easier than a dream. By adding a simple plugin, you can add multilingual support to your ecommerce store. And this will help you create a distinguished experience for your audience. 

What are the Features You Must Look for in an eCommerce Store Builder Website?

Knowing the advantages of online store builders is one thing. But, when you make a choice, you need to be more precise. You need to understand what to look for. This way you will be able to make a choice easily. Take a look below-

Mobile Friendliness

Before you choose an ecommerce store builder, you need to make sure of this. In other words, any website must be mobile-friendly. Remember that the customers these days are looking for mobile friendly options. Most of them access and purchase from stores on their mobile phones. This makes the mobile experience more valuable than ever. As a seler, you must make this your number one priority. With the coming time, mobile commerce is only going to grow. Therefore, if you don’t make your store mobile optimized, you will lose in the game of eCommerce. The UI/UX experience must be in line with the mobile users.

More Payment Options

If there is one thing you need to know about eCommerce customers, it is that they love more payment options. In other words, the more payment options you provide to your customers, the easier the entire experience will be. Customers often flock off to other websites or abandon carts because they don’t find the desired payment options. Some customers prefer cash on delivery, others prefer cards, wallet payments etc. The point is that you need to be prepared with more payment options. A good online store builder website gives you this flexibility. Moreover, they also offer a secure payment experience. 

More often when you’re partnering with an online store builder website, you will need to add plugins. Be it SEO, offering discounts and coupons and more you need to add plugins to add eCommerce functionalities. But, while there might be some amazing plugins available online, you need to look for one that your store builder is compatible with. Therefore, make sure that the store builder you choose allows you to partner with popular plugins. This gives you an added flexibility to do whatever you like with your ecommerce store. Additionally, you will be able to provide your customers with enhanced options.

Unified Platform

Remember that eCommerce requires a bunch of stuff. You have to manage inventory, add products to the list, create offers, ship your products and more. However, doing all of this can be overwhelming especially when you’re doing it from different platforms. For this reason, you must look for a unified platform that lets you do everything from a single platform. For example, Dash101 lets you sell and ship from a single platform hassle free. This gives you the flexibility to save time and money on multiple platforms. Furthermore, you can manage everything from under one roof. Imagine logging into a single platform, where you add products, manage your inventory, create orders and ship them with ease. With all the saved time you can focus on the growth of your business. 

What are the Downsides of an eCommerce Store Builder Website?

There are tons of things that you can do with an eCommerce store created with the help of an online store builder website. However, there are also some things that are limited. 

Subscription Plans

While online store builder platforms help you might get ease of use. But, a majority of these charge you for a heavy sum of money. In other words, the subscription plans can be a huge burden on the shoulder of a seller. Furthermore, the more functionalities you need to add in your store, the more you need to pay. As a business, you would obviously want to grow after a certain period of time. This means you would have to add advanced features to your ecommerce store. The subscription plans are monthly or annually. But, the point is that the moment you stop paying, your website goes back to the normal features. 

Detailed Flexibility

While customized plans are available in online store builder websites, there are still certain limitations. This means that if you need complete flexibility, probably an online store builder might not be a good option. For example, if you are looking for A/B testing of features that require high precision, you might need to move elements on your website. This might not be possible with the pre designed template and themes of online store builder websites. However, when you have a website manually created, you can change the backend more easily. 

Limited Options

Online store builder websites also offer limited options. In case you need to add a feature, it has to be exactly what the store provides. No doubt that you can add plugins to add more features, but you have to choose from the plugins that the store builder supports. You also have to check compatibility of different plugins when choosing for your eCommerce store. This might make you choose some high priced options. The point is that even after paying so much for the subscriptions, you might not be able to do everything you want with your store. 

Top 10 eCommerce Store Builder Websites

With all the information on eCommerce store builder websites, making decisions can seem easy. But, for that you need to know the best players in the market right now. Take a look below!


Dash101 is a one stop online store builder website. If there’s one platform that can really get you started, it has to be Dash101. It is not only a powerful eCommerce platform but also easy to use. For a professional store you need a good template to start with. Dash101 offers you a variety of professional templates that can help you build a store in minutes. Moreover, you also don’t need to worry about payment gateway and a secure experience. All of these factors are taken care of. Another distinguished provision that Dash101 provides is a logistics platform. Dash101 Logistics helps you ship with 8+ courier partners at the lowest costs. Reach out to 27000+ pincodes with all modes of payments including cash on delivery. 

  • Professional templates
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Cash on delivery 
  • Logistics support
  • Social media marketing support


You might have heard of this giant eCommerce store builder platform. Most eCommerce websites are built on Shopify. While it is a good platform to start with, Shopify has subscription plans. This means that you will have to pay for higher features you might require to grow your website. Shopify offers a wonderful package of features. It is easy to use and a reliable store builder. Another advantage of using Shopify is that you get 70+ free and premium themes to help you build the eCommerce store of your dreams. Additionally, you can also customize these themes. Shopify offers you a 24* 7 customer support. But, after a period of free trial, you can subscribe to the basic plan at $29 per month.

  • Subscription based features
  • 100+ payment processors
  • Excellent support
  • Good themes


Shopify and WooCommerce are two of the biggest rivals in the world of online store builder websites. WooCommere is an open source platform for sellers. It lets you run your business with ease and at the same time exercise full control over the store. Moreover, if you’ve been already selling on a website, WooCommerce is a good place to start. In other words, it lets you sell to a huge audience with ease. The platform also has a wide variety of templates and pre installed payment gateways. This can help you get started with the world of online selling almost instantly.

  • Fast loading website
  • Option to set default currency
  • Discount coupons and codes
  • Multiple gateways

Wix Online Store

If you are a beginner, another great option for you is Wix. Wix is an SEO friendly online store builder website. It is also fully customizable because of its drag and drop features. Therefore, if you want to create an amazing experience for your customers, you’ve got to try Wix. the platform offers you a secure payment gateway. And one of the best parts about it is that the payments form the payment gateway are commission free. Therefore, you get to keep the money that your customers are paying without any costs. Wix is also optimized for the mobile phone.

  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Coupons and discounts
  • SEO tools
  • Mobile optimization


You might not have heard about it, but Squarespace is yet another effective eCommerce platform. They too run on subscription plans. However, their functionalities are built directly into its plans, unlike other building platforms. The templates offered by Squarespace are also award winning. This means you can create a visually appealing store in almost no time. Furthermore, the design elements are drag and drop, which means you don’t need to waste time about the technical know-how. The entire interface is customizable, allowing you more flexibility. It also has a mobile app, letting you edit and create listings on the go.

  • Excellent customer service
  • Choice of templates
  • Multiple subscription options
  • More payment options

Volusion Online Store

Volusion is yet another excellent platform that lets you host your storefront on the web. It is one of the largest eCommerce platforms that helps sellers reach out to their customers with ease. You can get started with selling online without having to be a nerdy coder or a technical expert. Volusion offers sellers a variety of solutions and features. Therefore, you can choose the one according to your requirements and growth strategies. Volusion takes your passion into consideration before allowing you flexibility and SEO friendly options. One of the attractions of Volusion is that it offers you an auto generated site map.

  • Great SEO features
  • Easier Checkout
  • Simple and Professional templates
  • Marketing tools

Big Commerce Online Store

Just like WooCommerce, BigCommerce is yet another popular name in the market. It is one platform that helps sellers sell on different platforms. In other words, if you plan on multi-selling on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Google Shopping etc. BigCommerce can help you with ease. With a plethora of drag and drop tools along with a robust support, BigCommerce is a good option. Its subscription plans can cost you a hefty sum, but you also get a lot of features along with it. With this platform you get to leverage customization for your ecommerce website.

  • Multiple subscription plans
  • Excellent support
  • Ease of scalability
  • User flexibility

Weebly – Online Store Builder Website

Unlike most of the other online store builder websites, Weebly offers sellers a free forever plan. It is yet another popular eCommerce store builder out there. However, the free plan doesn’t include the full fledged functionalities to run an eCommerce store. The drag and drop feature at Weebly helps you get started on the platform pretty easily. In addition to this, there are various other tools such as email marketing, SEO, analytics and others. These help make the selling journey easier. It is an affordable option and also helps you manage your inventory effectively. 

  • SEO 
  • Site analytics
  • Different subscription plans
  • Multiple payment gateways

Mozello – Online Store

You might not have heard about this one but Mozello is yet another name in the list of eCommerce store builders. The site builder lets you build your own store with ease. Furthermore, it offers multilingual support to your customers, which means a greater degree of personalization. Mozello has a basic system but 500 MB of storage, which is good for small stores. You can try the free trial before subscribing to the paid plans. However, the platform has some major features like SKU missing in their plans.

  • Multilingual support
  • Storage
  • Inventory tracking
  • Product variant options

3D Cart

3D cart is a good idea only if you are keeping it low key when it comes to your eCommerce business. The platform has over 200 features which gives you a wide array of options. However, the ease of use is a matter of consideration. It might not be easy to get started for first time sellers. The platform has free themes and several payment processing options. This way you can create an amazing experience for your customers. 3D cart also has an excellent provision for SEO, making your eCommerce experience even more delightful.

  • Free themes
  • Multiple payment options
  • API access
  • Mobile ready themes


Creating your eCommerce store from scratch can be one of the most difficult tasks. But, it is also one of the most rewarding experiences. Only if you choose the right partner that can ease this experience for you. But, first you need to chart down your requirements. Do you want to start slow or enter the market in full swing. The best idea is to look for a customizable solution. This is so that even if you want to start slow, you can add up new features as per the requirements later. With some big and new names in the list above, it is easy to get confused. Honestly, it doesn’t matter which brand you pick, unless they’re offering you the features you desire. All you have to look for is a comprehensive solution that addresses most of your needs. At the same time, it must also allow you flexibility.

 As you choose your ecommerce store builder website, make sure you have a good support team to back your business. Dash101 provides you with a robust support to help you turn your eCommerce idea into reality. In addition to this, you also get a unified logistics platform  that helps you ship to 26000+ pin codes at the lowest rates. Remember that with an excellent eCommerce platform, you need a robust shipping strategy. Dash101 lets you have the best of both worlds. All you have to do is get started right away!


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