Which is a better 3PL: PickParcel or Dash101? Read to find out now!

Pickparcel v/s Dash101: Which is a better 3PL?

3PL logistics

Essentially, 3PL is an abbreviation of 3rd Party Logistics. A 3PL benefits a company in multiple ways. It helps to reduce costs and gain a competitive advantage by leveraging their expertise. 3PLs understand your business needs and comes up with solutions that are customized for YOUR business. It saves you a lot of time and gets you the best deals because of their experience and expertise in this field.

There are so many 3PL logistics partners available in India, but how do you choose the best one? A great 3PL partner will redefine success for your business and help it reach many new heights. Thus, it becomes essential for you to find a 3PL logistics partner like Dash101 Logistics.

Let’s take a look at which is a better 3PL: Pickparcel or Dash101, on the following criteria.

Number of courier partners:

Pickparcel is a logistics service with 5 courier partners. Dash101, on the other hand, has 8+ courier partners. The more options to choose from, the better service you get. Dash101 has a pan-India coverage i.e. it delivers to 27,000+ pin codes.

Live Rate Calculator:

An interesting feature that both the aggregators have is Live Rate Calculator. We calculated the cost of shipping on both the portals, for the same distance, and for the same size of the parcel. For the same distance and same weight of the parcel, PickParcel would charge ₹21 more than what we would charge you at Dash101 Logistics. The shipping charges at Dash101 start from ₹23/500 gm which is steal deal, ₹23/500 gm is also the lowest rate in this industry.

Shipping Partner Recommendation Engine:

When you want to ship through Dash101, you also get recommendations from Shipping Recommendation Engine, our in-house algorithm, designed especially for you to choose the most suitable courier partner. We understand how critical it is for a business like yous to choose a delivery partner that gives the best rates, and this task, honestly isn’t easy. Considering this, we have designed this SPRe to guide you through these important decisions. However, PickParcel does not offer this.

Of the many fish in the sea, you as a business would always want to pick the salmon, and rightly so. There are so many 3PL Logistics providers available in the industry, but do they offer the services that will help your business to grow? The answer to this question might not always be a yes for others. But for Dash101 Logistics, it is always going to be yes! Dash101 Logistics helps you to win at your business. We are not a mere logistics aggregator, we are partner that helps your business at all times. Oh also, did we tell you that you get dedicated Key Account Manager at every touchpoint so that your turnaround time is the least? So many benefits packed at the lowest cost in the industry, this can be offered only by Dash101.

If you also want to grow your business and take it to a next level, you should sign up on Dash101 Logistics right away! Download the app now!


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