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11 Useful Plugins for Your eCommerce Website Built on WordPress

plugins for ecommerce website built on wordpress

WordPress is one of the best places to start creating your eCommerce website. But, it takes more than just listing your products to create a successful ecommerce store. To make the most of your WordPress eCommerce store you need to leverage plugins. The plugins for eCommerce website built on WordPress help you bring key features of online selling to your store.

Plugins for ecommerce website built on WordPress help you do more than a few things for your store. Not only does it let you customize your website but also add several functionalities that provide you with an edge. The idea is that if you want to stay competitive in today’s world, you have to do more than just constructing a basic online store.

Be it putting in more efforts for search engine optimization, or creating ravishing offers to lure more customers. There’s more to what meets the eye in ecommerce. And that’s why you need to be prepared for it at all costs.

Leveraging the plugins gives you an upper hand in the competitive landscape of ecommerce. In other words, it helps you add those features to your ecommerce store that your customers will absolutely love. Or there is a possibility that some ecommerce features might be trending. Therefore, you would want to add these to your ecommerce store to maintain your relevancy in the market. 

But, as the requirement of various features in ecommerce rises, so do the corresponding plugins. Every other company today is trying to create a plugin of their own that integrates with your WordPress website easily. But, to choose the best ones becomes a big task.

So, are you struggling with choosing the right plugins for ecommerce website built on WordPress? Don’t worry, we’re here for you! Check out the top plugins you need for your eCommerce store today!

What are Plugins for WordPress?

With advancement in technology, a lot of things are becoming easier. One such thing is creating your ecommerce store. Long gone are the days when you had to hardcode everything from scratch to build a website. Today, there are so many ready to be executed options available that help you launch your ecommerce store within minutes. One such platform is WordPress.

WordPress lets sellers create your eCommerce store from scratch. It helps them manage all of their content easily. But, the requirements of an eCommerce store are different to that of a website. If you’ve been in ecommerce you’d know there are a lot of things to include.

Be it listing your products, adding descriptions and images, creating offers, ranking your website on search engines, marketing it on multiple platforms and more. All of these needs are fundamental to any ecommerce business. But, to imagine adding all of these features and more by writing a script for everything can be a nightmare. Thanks to plugins!

Plugins for ecommerce website built on WordPress help sellers include all the functions they want on their store within a few clicks. All they have to do is integrate the plugin into the WordPress account and start using it! It is as simple. 

Due to the minimalist nature of plugins and the flexibility they offer, anyone can customize their store to their likes. And to succeed in today’s world, this task becomes more than just fundamental. Plugins have the potential to transform your business idea into a wonderful ecommerce store. And the best part is that it doesn’t even require a lot of investment. Most of the plugins available are free today. Although they might ask you to pay a minimal fee if you want more features. 

plugins for ecommerce website built on WordPress

Plugins for ecommerce website built on WordPress

Now that you know about the plugins, let’s get you started with the top ones for your ecommerce store. We have divided the plugins into different categories. This will help you find just the right one for your needs. 

Getting Started with Seling

While WordPress is an excellent content management system, it doesn’t automatically give you the options of selling online. If you have to sell online, you need to leverage some of the ecommerce plugins for selling. Here are the top ones.


If you even have the faintest idea about eCommerce, you would know this name. WooCommerce is one of the most promising plugins out there. Not only does it help you sell successfully but also takes away the burden of investments from your shoulders. WooCommerce is a great plugin to start your ecommerce journey. Having said that, more than 90 percent of the sellers today use this as plugins for ecommerce website built on WordPress. It lets you customize and sell flexibly in the market. 

  • Start selling all kinds of products and services
  • Receive orders seamlessly
  • Try product embeddings anywhere you want
  • Expand basic features in one click


Another one of the great plugins for ecommerce website built on WordPress is Shopify. It is WooCommerce’s top competitor. And these two keep on fighting for the first spot more than often. Shopify is a great platform that helps you set foot in the ecommerce world. It takes your hand through each and every step you need to support and sustain yourself. In addition to this, it also helps you get started with multiple features of ecommerce. Be it creating offers for your products or creating a seamless checkout option, Shopify is there for you!

  • Create your eCommerce store within minutes
  • Build store for all kinds of businesses
  • Market your business
  • Manage your entire business from one platform

Superior Customer Experience

If you want to convert your visitors into long time customers, you must focus on the user experience. Remember that making a one time sale is easy. But, making the same customer come back to your store again and again to make the purchase is difficult. And that’s what superior customer experience is for. When you provide a seamless shopping experience to your customers, there is no way they won’t come back to your business. Here is one of the plugins for ecommerce website built on WordPress that will help you achieve this-

Making sure that all of your links on the website are working properly is fundamental for your store. Because the digital world entirely works on links, there is no way you can do without them. Make sure that all your links are working properly if you want to provide a good experience to your customers. A broken link can cost you not only revenue but a customer. Broken Link Checker plugin helps you identify your broken links and fix them easily. It automatically detects these links and prompts you about them. This way, you get to them before the customers click and get disappointed. 

  • Automatically check links
  • Receive notifications about broken links
  • Auto-suggestions for damaged links
  • Regular website audit and reporting 

Product Recommendations

Product recommendations are the goldmine of ecommerce. The market giant Amazon makes as much as 35 percent of its revenue by recommending products to the customers. So, what is stopping you from doing the same? With Product Recommendations, you not only provide a superior customer experience, but also enhance your chances of a sale. When people come to buy products from your store, they are looking for more options that compliment their purchase. Therefore, recommendations can be extremely powerful no matter what you sell. 

  • Specify cross-sell or up-sell by category
  • Recommendations from recently viewed list
  • Suggests last minute deal
  • Frequently bought together

Optimizing Conversions

No matter what you’re selling, conversions sit at the heart of ecommerce. Every business’ goal is to maximize their sales and make the most profits. However, even with the best of efforts, driving conversions can become a task full of hassles. With new entrants and changing competition’s strategies can have an impact on your conversions directly. Therefore, it is needed that you leverage plugins for ecommerce website built on WordPress.


Online reviews can have a great impact on your business. It can help your customer make the purchase decision effectively. For example, when you see a product with high reviews and ratings on Amazon, you feel like buying it because it’s been bought by so many people before you. Reviewer is a plugin that can help your customers review their purchases and establish social proof.

  • Let customers add ratings and reviews
  • Upload images for reviews
  • Add snippets of products that are rich for the search engine
  • Create engagement on your store

Testimonial Showcase

While your customers review their purchases, some of them stand out. Sometimes you want everyone to know that customers are liking your ecommerce store. And there is one of the most significant ways to do it- customer testimonials. Showing customer testimonials to the world can reinforce a person’s purchase decision. It helps establish trust in your brand. When a new visitor lands on your website, and see that many popular brands or customers are liking your products, they seem to start trusting you. And this is where the relationship between the brand and customer begins. With Testimonial Showcase you can achieve this for your business.

  • Turn customer reviews into testimonials
  • Display your testimonials in various styles
  • Add ratings and stars to your testimonials
  • Include customers image for greater effect

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO forms one of the key aspects of eCommerce. It helps you rank your store on the search engine from scratch. Remember that the journey of most of the users begins from Google. Therefore, if your website is not ranking well on the search engine, then you need to do something about it right away! With better SEO, you get better traffic, visitors, and effective sales. It also enhances the visibility of your business. 


There is nothing that beats Yoast when it comes to SEO. And for this reason, don’t mind looking for any other search engines out there. Remember that if you want to make your rankings on the search engine better, you’ve got to use Yoast to make your SEO better. Because a lot of factors are involved in a website’s rankings, accomplishing all of them manually is a difficult job. With Yoast by your side, you can manage all your SEO effortlessly.

  • Make your product listings SEO friendly
  • Optimise product titles
  • Add focus keywords specific to your business
  • Make readability of your content better

eCommerce Analytics

As important as SEO is for your business, it is equally important to know the facts and figures of your business. If you don’t know the insights, how are you going to make decisions about your business. Therefore ecommerce analytics helps you look at the statistics related to your store and suggests key areas of improvement.

Google Analytics

Undoubtedly, Google Analytics is one of the best ecommerce analytics plugins for ecommerce website built on WordPress. Not only is it reliable but has everything you need to know for your ecommerce store. You can set specific goals that you want to track and at the same time view what’s right in front of you. Google Analytics also lets you perform the A/B testing on your website.

  • Keep a track of all your links
  • Track your user engagement
  • Receive real-time insights about your store
  • Set specific ecommerce goals for your business

Store Security

Remember that it is very important to make your store secure when you’re doing business. That’s because the alien world is prone to security threats and loopholes. Security plugins for ecommerce website built on WordPress help in keeping your website safe from hackers and cyber attackers. It also provides your customers a safe and sound shopping experience. 

WP Security

WP Security’s plugins for ecommerce website built on WordPress are an all in one solution. It helps you in every way to keep your website secure. Moreover, it is also a must have for your business, no matter what. WP security is a powerful monitoring, auditing and firewall plugin for your website that helps you run your eCommerce business without a glitch.

  • Prevent cyber attacks on your ecommerce store
  • Monitor file for integrity
  • Keep track of user integrity
  • Audit website for any suspicious activity

Order Fulfillment

Logistics is an important part of ecommerce. If you don’t do it right, your business will brutally fail in the market. And not only this, but it has far more chances of destroying your brand reputation than helping you deliver products. For this reason, you must always partner with a reliable logistics platform that helps you deliver safely and efficiently, without increasing your costs. 


When it comes to logistics, there is no one better than Dash101. Dash101 is one of the best plugins for ecommerce website built on WordPress. It helps you deliver products with multiple courier partners at the fast speeds and lowest costs. 

  • Shipping rates starting at Rs 23/500gms
  • Minimize ecommerce returns
  • Highest delivery rate of orders
  • Customer satisfaction and maximized reach


Now that you know the top plugins for ecommerce website built on WordPress, get started. You might be planning to launch your ecommerce store. Or if you already have one, you can switch to a better option using any of the plugins above. Make sure you analyze your business needs before making the first move. If you need an all encompassing solution, build your eCommerce store on Dash101. This way you can sell and ship your products hassle free from a single platform. Using Dash101 Logistics, you can ship with more than 8 courier partners at the lowest shipping rates starting RS 23/500gms. Maximize your reach to 26000+ pin codes as you deliver your products and delight at the same time!


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