How to Write Product Descriptions to Boost Sales - 6 Ways

How to Write Product Descriptions to Boost Sales

Product Description

One of the most important things you need to come up with when you start listing your products online, whether it is on your own website or on an eCommerce platform is… the title of the product. The next is definitely the Product Descriptions which will accompany the product name and photos.

What are Product Descriptions?

Product Descriptions are written copies that describe the product. It highlights the key functions of the product including the details of the product such as the model number, uses, colour options, etc. It’s basically why it would be beneficial for the customer to purchase the product. The idea is to use this space to make the product look good for the customer and to upsell the product so that the customer wants to buy the product.

Why are Product Descriptions so important?

Because they are the sales script. Its main purpose is to upsell the product to the customer. A salesperson when trying to sell a product to a potential customer will show the product to the customer, then explain to them what it does, how it works, and how it will help the customer or make their life easier. The product descriptions do the same thing, just instead to being spoken, they are written. It is the written version of the sales script that a salesperson would use to sell the product.

How do you Write Effective Product Descriptions?

Now that you know what they are, how do you write effective Product Descriptions?

  • Know your target audience

The Product Descriptions need to be written based on who the product is targeting and what the product’s function is. Focus on using keywords and ideas that will relate more to your target audience. If it feels more personal, then they are more likely to buy the product.

  • List key features and ideas

Many people just write what the product it and just assume that people will how what and how it is. Though they are not wrong in this regard, it is still necessary to list all of the key features of the product, including how the customer can use the product. Personalize the product for them, and they will see themselves use the product, and are hence more likely to buy the product.

  • Sell the idea, not the product

Don’t just focus on the manufacture details of the product. While you should list these details no doubt, you shouldn’t focus on only that. Instead focus on selling the idea to the customer, why should they buy it, describe how much easier their life would be if they had the product. People will buy the idea, not just the product.

  • Advantages

In addition to everything above, remember to also write about how your product stands out from the others. Why is this product better than the others on the market? Why should the customer buy this one rather than your competitor’s? These are all questions that the customer will have, so your product description should address it. It does not mean you should talk bad about other products or your competitor, but instead just highlight why this product is superior.

  • Real Reviews

It would also help to include real reviews and testimonials about the product if possible. People know that you are going to say good things about the product, after all it is your product. However, they are more likely to take into consideration the words of others who have used the product and love it.

  • Language and Grammar

Another thing to keep in mind is to proofread your Product Descriptions. Make sure that they use proper language, terminology, and grammar. People are more likely to take it seriously as it looks more professional. If there are simple errors in your copy, then people might think you don’t care enough, so why should they?

As you can see, product descriptions are quite an important part of selling online. Don’t rush through writing a product description. Take your time, really think about it, maybe even show them to some laymen and ask their opinion on it. Keep tweaking it until you are really happy with it. But don’t get stuck on trying to get the perfect copy. Remember that you can always go back and edit the product description if you don’t like something, or if you think of something better.


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