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7 Tips On How to Promote Your eCommerce Business Locally

Promote Business Locally

There is no unique process to look for a local business. The approach is quite simple. As a matter of fact, 90% of consumers surfed the internet to find a local business last year. As marketers, your job is to make sure that your business shows up when people are searching for local companies online. Let’s review a few strategies that can be used to promote your eCommerce business locally.

Online advertising is one of the main ways to gain visibility in local searches. In fact, both social media and search engine advertising should be used to promote your business locally. You can set up a local audience target, choose a specific location to show your ad. 

Posting Locally Relatable Content

Posting local content is the key to attracting a great local audience. If the content that you post does not appeal to your local audience, then your efforts are all in vain. So, use the right hashtags, locations in your posts to Promote Business Locally. You can increase your rank higher in social engines by being active on social media.

Set-Up with Online Directories

Online directories such as tools like Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, or Bing can help you show up locally. Your local information will be sent out to several directories with the help of data aggregator tools. Your online directory should also include reviews as they are one of the main factors of a user’s purchasing decision.

Involvement with the Community

You’ll be surprised to know that just being a part of the community can make a big difference. Participating in community events is a great way to capture your local audience. Get involved in local fundraisers or charities. These tactics require you to make an extra effort but the turnout will be worth it.

Integrate Traditional Methods

Well, it wouldn’t make sense if we didn’t mention the traditional methods that can be used to promote your business. You can contact your local press, radio, local newspapers to raise more visibility. 

Email Marketing

Promote Business Locally

Email marketing is highly underrated, even though it is an effective marketing channel. Once you’ve started to gain traction as a local business, you should immediately start growing an email list. With email marketing, you can make your customers aware of upcoming sales, campaigns, etc. eCommerce owners often overlook this type of marketing and do not use it to its full potential to Promote Business Locally.

Loyalty Programs

Well now that you’ve got attention from your loyal customers. You obviously want them to keep coming back for more. How do you do that? Consider having a type of customer loyalty program that helps to Promote Business Locally. Perhaps your regular customers can get points and redeem rewards. Your customers need to build an emotional connection with your brand, which will establish a sense of brand loyalty in them.

Promoting your business locally can seem to be quite a tedious task. But it doesn’t have to be. There are more than just the above-mentioned ways to show up online locally. Put strategies in place and gain inspire loyalty in order to promote business locally.


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