11 Reasons To Reduce RTO for Your Shipments for eCommerce

11 Reasons To Reduce RTO for Your Shipments

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While customers enjoy the return, policy offered by eCommerce websites. Dealing with returns is a headache for the online retailer because it triggers the whole chain of events from the warehouse to delivery. Product cancellations and returns consume a lot of time and resources. To avoid returns and cancellation, here are 11 reasons to reduce RTO for your shipments.

Send out crystal clear information

Reduce RTO

One of the main reasons for cancellations and returns Is the act that customers do not have enough information mentioned about the ordered product. As a result, very unintentionally `customers are misled into buying something that they have unclear information about. Provided an adequate description builds brand loyalty as customers will order and receive exactly what they’ve read and seen. Therefore, like e-commerce, it is important to give distinct information undoubtedly. Write thorough product descriptions, mention the physical specializations, the utility, and distinctive features of your product. With the help of an informative deception, customers can make an informed decision while placing an order.

Use good product images

Reduce RTO

Online retail has always tried to grapple with the lack of tactility. There have been attempts to bridge this gap, but none of the attempts have truly impacted the industry. Which leaves us with no option but to depend on product images. Quality product images don’t just sell products, more importantly, they represent your brand. Good, high quality can increase engagement and share too. By high-quality pictures, you are clarifying your product for your customer.

Check and recheck inventory

Reduce RTO

One thing you absolutely want to avoid as an e-commerce website is a delay in delivery. A possible reason why this could happen is if inventory is not stocked. Hence, it is important to keep a track of the inventory. Don’t just stop at that. Check and then recheck with a lot of reasons that could cause a delayed shipment, you have complete control over this one. This practice will also offer you a better insight into your inventory requirement and stock.

Always have Open Communication Channels

Customer service

Keeping your customers in the loop about the status of their delivery is always advised. This way, even if your customer cancels an order, it can be done before the product has left the warehouse. Comparatively to cancellations, returns cost more as the logistics costs add up after the order is out of the warehouse. For this very reason, establishing a good line of communication with your customers helps you to find out the exact problem and you can try to solve it if you have the means for it. This way there is a probability that cancellations and returns can be avoided in totality.

Encourage customer reviews and feedback

customer holding wooden blocks with the star symbol

Encouraging customer reviews and feedback is a must as it helps you to fill up whatever holes need to be filled for the smooth running of your business. ON the other hand, customer reviews encourage potential buyers to build trust in your brand. Customers tend to rely on previous customer testimonials to make their purchase decision. This can keep future return orders in control.

Check with the customer before shipping a high COD order

Express delivery service

For COD, it is imperative to check the availability of the customer to receive the order. A COD order results in substantial losses if the customer is not available to accept it. Therefore, be prepared and fix a specific slot with your customer.  

Process shipments on time

Writing down shipment details

Try to process your orders as soon as you can. Maintain coordination with courier services and complete the fulfillment of the order from your end as fast as possible. Try to finish packaging immediately so the order can be processed faster. Quick deliveries increase customer experience, thus increasing sales and revenue.

Display expected date of delivery

Delivery man checking delivery list in van.
man checking delivery list in van.

Giving customers an anticipated date gives them time to plan their orders. If the customer needs the order before the date, he or she will not make that purchase. Transparency in the process enables customers to make a smarter purchase decision.

Package your item with the journey in mind

Shipping and Delivery

After your package leaves your warehouse to reach the customer’s door, you have no control over how your packages are delivered. The best you can do is package it appropriately. Use protective packaging for fragile packages. Make your boxes with information about the contents of the package, e.g. If it is a certain plant, what temperature it needs to be kept at.

Maximum coverage

Courier delivering parcel

A single courier partner may or may not cover the pin codes that you want to deliver to. Partnering up with a shipping service can solve this problem. While popular courier companies may reach to the corners, reaching remote areas may not be every courier company’s agenda. Hence, looking for a company and shipping partners that have all the types of shipping available. From international, domestic, local, hyperlocal, cross border, etc.

Verify the pin code, address, and phone number

world map
world map

Before you ship out any order make sure that the phone number provided by the buyer is authentic. The delivery executive should not face any inconvenience contacting the buyer. Always tally other necessary details like pin-codes as well.

Although there is always scope for buyers to return and cancels orders. These are some of the things that you can to take precautions from your end. By encouraging open communications and prompt responses, you can reduce cancellations and returns considerably.

While choosing a shipping partner, ensure the one that helps reduce RTOs. Dash101, your logistics aggregator that helps with all your shipping needs. eCommerce shipments starting at ₹23 / 500 gms, NDR management, and reduce RTO percentage. Also, expand 26000+ pin codes with 8+ courier partners. Along with Dash101, you can handle returns easily and through a seamless reverse pickup, you can avail returns at a lower cost.


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