Shipping Barcode for eCommerce Fulfillment - 4 Ways

Shipping Barcode for eCommerce Fulfillment – 4 Ways It Helps Your Business

shipping barcode

If you run any sort of e-commerce business, you must’ve come across the term “Shipping barcode.” Barcodes play a significant role in selling physical goods. A major element generally used in physical stores for purchase and return purposes. The warehouse uses them to track inventory and locate shipments. Let’s discuss what shipping barcode is and how they can enhance your business.

What is a Shipping Barcode?

Shipping Barcode

A shipping barcode; a unique machine-readable pattern of parallel lines of varying widths, printed on a shipping label to identify a shipment. Shipping barcodes generally scanned at every phase of the order fulfillment process. This continues until it reaches the customer’s delivery address. 

When are shipping barcodes used?

For any company that ships its products, using shipping barcodes is essential. It makes your order fulfillment process better and also helps with order tracking. Here are the main uses of a shipping barcode

While receiving the inventory in the fulfillment center

While receiving inventory items at the fulfillment center, employers need to check if they have received the right items. At the same time, they need to make sure that they have received inventory from freight shipments or parcel shipments. Specifically, for this, they need to scan the barcode that is placed on the package or the inventory to clarify the above facts.

 For handing offers for the end consumer to shipping carriers

Once an order has been placed, packed, and ready to go, a shipping barcode is pasted on the shipping label on the outermost surface of the package.  The retailers or e-commerce companies hand out the ordered packages to the courier company. Right before this, the carrier scans the shipping barcode that is imprinted on the label before the package leaves the fulfillment center. This is important so as to keep a record of how many shipments are being handed out o  a daily basis.

While receiving returns from end consumers

Returns are the inevitable part of an e-commerce company. Returns in different categories made on a regular basis. Most returns involve customers directly shipping the returned item back to the 3PL involved. They need scanning by the 3PL provider.  The shipping barcode is thoroughly scanned before they accept the return order. This step helps to check if they have received the right item. Thus, initiating the refund after they have received the item accordingly.

How can Shipping Barcodes help your business?

Shipping Barcode

Barcodes play an important role in warehouse management. The barcode technology has become a necessity to maximize the benefits of the systems. Let’s go through some of the benefits of using shipping barcodes.

Helps in increasing speed of the order processing

Large volume orders cannot be processed without using any scanning technology. Without the use of any scanning technology, there are high chances of mistakes or irregularities. It is impossible to track down the exact number of items that are in a single package without the use of proper technology. 

To jot down extensive details like every single product detail, customer’s details etc.  If barcodes are not used.   Shipping large volumes of products are possible because of proper barcode scanning of inventory. Hence, barcodes help with increasing the speed of orders that are being processed. 

Helps in reducing errors

 While keying in important inventory data, there is always a probability of making errors. After proper integration of the warehouse management system, it was discovered that barcode technology reduces the potential chances of errors. Compared to manual data entry, this can reduce the chances of errors to zero. It also increases the speed of data collection during the processes of receiving order, packaging orders and delivering orders, etc. 

Helps with mobility in the system

 As technological advancement has taken place, scanners don’t have to be restricted to a single are. This means that the employers carrying out the scanning don’t have to stand in one place and scan the orders. With access to wireless barcode scanners, you see an increase in the efficiency of the warehouse as it eliminated the unnecessary walking time. This is not necessary for smaller companies, but for bigger companies, this is definitely a niche to look into.

Helps in improving dashboards and inventory management

There is a lot of data that Is available in the fulfillment centers. Most of this data is in the form of pen and paper which makes it difficult to access and increase the manual work involved. ON the other hand, shipping barcodes do wonders with the same task.  They provide you with real-time data and information about major functions that take place with the warehouse. Undoubtedly, shipping barcodes reduce physical strain and increase efficiency in inventory and warehouse management.  

 In conclusion, we have established that barcode technology is a new form of business. without it, it’s almost impossible to run a business properly. It is the best use of technology in your business. This technology has seen many evolutions and has become an absolute necessity for businesses that witness growth almost every day.


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