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How to Get Started with International Shipping from India to the USA?

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The world of ecommerce has brought businesses closer to their customers. Many sellers are reaching out to their customers and catering to their needs. Having said that, customers are also getting to experience the best of convenience and attractive pricing. Moreover, with the opportunities that the sellers are getting, shipping international parcels has become easier than ever.

There was a time when even dreaming about shipping was a nightmare. The shipping costs were too high and logistics was a big issue. Moreover, customers also didn’t have a lot of faith in purchasing something they couldn’t physically see. However, thanks to the favorable policies and government stimulus, all of this has become easier than ever. 

The Perks of Shipping International Parcels

Today, customers are shopping more than ever. eCommerce has grown to this extent that we talk about how the traditional brick and mortar stores would be all shifting to selling online. Therefore, shipping international parcels has become a bridge to business grown, greater reputation and a larger customer base.

So, if you are thinking about taking your business to the world, it is a great opportunity. Bu, you need to figure out the countries that are most favourable for trade. And with that you need to understand the market and the products you will be selling. One of the most popular countries for shipping international parcels from India is the USA.

The USA has a wide market with a lot of possibilities. Even though the scenario is a bit different from the Indian ecommerce market, the opportunities are greater. In other words, the ecommerce market of the USA is much more superior to that of India. Having said that you need to be aware of the precise details. Once you know about these, you can easily form strategies for shipping international parcels there.

Therefore, when you sell your products to the USA, you are only benefiting your business but also growing the economy at the same time. Therefore, you are ultimately also helping the Indian ecommerce market to experience a boost. 

When shipping international parcels to the USA, you need to take care of the processes involved. This will help you take the correct decisions and plan accordingly. Often sellers become too ambitious when it comes to international shipping that they forget about the details involved. This results in direct business losses and more. So, if you want to start international shipping, you’re at the right place. We’ve covered all the information you need to know to advance your business and take it to the next level. 

Who All Are Involved in Shipping International Parcels from India to the USA?

Shipping international parcels from India to the USA can be a great opportunity to advance a business. Your global reputation can lead you to expand to the farthest areas and earn profits. But as you begin to know the details of the process make sure you also know about other aspects of it as well. This begins with knowing about the stakeholders involved in the shipping process. Take a look below-

Seller or International Shipper

The seller is the one who ships the parcel. When you first receive the order, you send an update to the customer that the order has been received. The next thing to do is to pick and pack the products. Once you dispatch the parcel, you assign it to a courier company. From there the courier company takes it to the delivery destination. As a result of this, the international parcel reaches the customer’s doorstep. Therefore, the journey of the package begins with the shipper. They have to make sure of the packaging of the parcel. This is done because the parcel travels a long distance. And moreover, the labelling is done in the right manner.

Customer or Consignee

The next is the customer or the consignee. It is the person who actually receives the shipment.  In this case, it will be the customer. This is an intuitive part of the logistics. Because when you ship a parcel, there will obviously be the motive to deliver it to the person who has ordered it. When shipping international parcels, your consignee is the one that pays for the order. In other words it is from their end that the requirement of the product is generated. 

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Courier Company or Freight Forwarder 

The last party involved in shipping international parcels is the courier company. Delivering parcels to the customer’s doorstep means you have to leverage logistics for the task. Therefore, unless you’re a market titan with your own delivery fleet, you have to rely on others for the task. A courier company helps in accomplishing this task with ease. Trusted international shipping partners like DHL, FedEx, Ecom Express can help you deliver your parcels successfully form India to the USA.

What are Some of the Steps for Shipping International Parcels?

When you’re shipping international parcels to the customer, especially to the USA, there are several details involved. This is not the case with domestic shipments. And this being the reason, many ecommerce sellers refrain their businesses from turning global. One of the major processes involved is the export import of goods. Then there is handling of the goods in the transit. Moreover, to top it off there are international regulations on the kinds of products that you can sell to other countries. 

Export Process

The export process is one of the most important parts of ecommerce.  This is the process where the seller hands over the parcel to the courier company. In other words, it involves the movement of goods from the shipper to the freight forwarding company. The pickup agent comes to pick up the parcel and then takes it to their courier hub or premises. To complete this process, the sellers have to submit various kinds of documents to the courier company. This verifies their authenticity and eases the process of clearance by the respective authorities.

Handling of Products at the Origin

When you are shipping international parcels, you need to be on top of your game. Ensuring the product quality and packaging is one of them. Depending upon the nature of the goods you are shipping, the logistics partner might have different packaging requirements. As a result, you will have to take care of these. And that too before the courier picks the parcel from your doorstep.

Custom Clearance

This part of shipping international parcels to the US involves completing the formality of submissions of the valid documents. This includes your identity proof, business establishment proof along with other details. This is the most complicated part of shipping international parcels and often takes time. Because the clearance has to come from the relevant authorities, you have to be patient. 

Freight- Air or Ocean

Based on the nature of products, a shipping mode is decided by the seller or the shipper. For example, if you have to ship a parcel urgently, you will need to leverage air as the mode of transport. On the other hand, you can also consider ocean freight as a mode of transport. The logistics costs involved in each of these are different.

Customs Clearance at the Import End

Once your parcel has been shipped, the customs clearance is observed at the import end. It involves checking the authorization of the parcels that are being shipped. Customs clearance begins when the parcels arrive in the delivery destination country. The checks are made by the customs house broker that is appointed by the consignee. 

Destination Handling of Goods

The destination handling of ecommerce orders involves the transportation and uploading of the cargo. This means that the parcel has been received at the destination hub of the courier company. Beyond this the last mile delivery begins. And therefore the parcel then lands at the delivery address of the customer.

Import Haul

This process begins at the time the parcel is delivered to the customer’s doorstep. The customer finally received the parcel and unpacks to observe the goods. This is the last step and precisely where the shipping of international parcels is brought to a completion. 

What are Some of the Prohibited Items for Shipping International Parcels?

There are some products that you cannot ship to the USA. This is because of their nature and any hazards they pose in the travelling process. As a shipper, you must be careful about these and take a close look at them. Avoid shipping these items as they might need cancellation of your parcel by the courie company. Some of the prohibited items include cash, animal, tobacco, perfume and aerosols, dairy and ivory, fur, nail varnish, plants and fresh foods etc. 


When shipping international parcels, you need to make sure that they are up to the standards. Consider the market that you are targeting and the kinds of goods that sell most popularly there. Make sure to partner with a reliable courier company for the task. This is because a large part of shipping international parcels is the responsibility of the courier company. 


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