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11 Shipping Partners for eCommerce That Will Save Your Time

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As an ecommerce business, it is a huge responsibility to provide customer satisfaction. Because you are not guiding them through your store physically, you have to look at alternate options. Most eCOmmerce businesses fail at this and therefore, lose their customers. However, this doesn’t have to be the case if you’re partnering with the best shipping partners for eCommerce. 

If you’re wondering what customer satisfaction has to do with shipping, there’s a lot. Shipping can be the difference between a successful business and a failed one. There is no denying the fact that there are other parameters as well, but shipping is something that is equally fundamental. It can create all the difference between a successful eCommerce brand and the one that gets lost in the crowd. 

Having said this, you must make sure that you are adopting other good practices for eCommerce. This means your website is easy to browse, your products are discoverable. Your costs must be competitive and at the same time your products must be of high quality. But, in all of this, sellers often forget the importance of shipping. 

Shipping partners for eCommerce can play a huge role in the turnover of the business, for this reason, one must choose them carefully. They can be the reasons or your customer’s satisfaction as well as growth of your business.

At this point you might be wondering which shipping partners for eCommerce are best suited? Or why are shipping partners for eCommerce this important? Don’t worry, as we’ve got them covered for you! Read on to find out everything you need to know about shipping partners for eCommerce.

What is the Importance of Shipping Partners for eCommerce?

Shipping partners for eCommerce are the fundamental building blocks on any online business. They help you take your business from where it is currently to an altogether different height. Here’s what all they can do for you-

Provide Customer Satisfaction with Shipping Partners for eCommerce

Shipping partners for eCommerce can help in providing customer satisfaction. They understand the importance of eCommerce from your brand’s perspective. While there are some courier companies that just deliver your product for the sake of it. They charge you a hefty sum of money without accounting for the customer experience. 

It is essential to remember that when you hand over your product to the courier company, you are making them the representative of your business. This means they represent your brand. As the product gets delivered to the customer’s doorstep, it is important that it must impart the same values as that of your business. For this reason, you must select the shipping partner with utmost precision.

Maximize Reach to Customers 

Another important aspect of shipping partners for eCommerce is maximized reach to customers. If you tie up with reliable and trustworthy shipping partners for eCommerce, your customers will have a good experience. Moreover, if they deliver to a wide area, you’ll enjoy extended reach. Most online businesses sell great products, but shy away from shipping them to far off locations. This is because their courier company does not deliver to these locations. 

However, if you ship with a logistics aggregator service like Dash101, you will be able to ship to 26000+ Pin codes in India. And that too with shipping rates starting at Rs 23/500gms. In addition to this, you also get to ship with multiple courier partners under one roof. This helps you really kick start your business with full force.

Let Shipping Partners for eCommerce Deliver the Product Safely 

Product safety is one of the major concerns in eCommerce. Most sellers lose a lot of money just because they are not able to deliver products safely. And this happens for no fault of theirs. When the seller hands over the product to the delivery company, they assume that it will be taken safely. However, courier companies often end up manhandling the products.

 This damages them. Especially if the seller is shipping fragile items, they are damaged in the process. However, if you are shipping with best shipping partners for eCommerce, this will be different. Your products will be taken care of and delivered successfully to the customer’s doorsteps. Good shipping partners for eCommerce also provide insurance covers to the sellers. This ensures that if the package is damaged due to any fault of the courier company, the seller is reimbursed. 

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Save Shipping Costs with Shipping Partners for eCommerce

Shipping costs are a huge burden for businesses. They disrupt the entire profit making capacity of the sellers. Many online businesses shut within months because they cannot manage their shipping expenses. Even though they are selling some of the remarkable products, their shipping costs eat up everything. 

To save yourself from such situations, it is best to tie up with shipping partners for eCommerce. Choose these partners based on their quality and pricing. This means that even though some partners appear very qualitative, their shipping costs are often high. If you’re just starting your bruins, it might seem like too much for you. Therefore, choose the one that provides more for less.

Leverage Shipping for Profits

Shipping is that element of eCommerce that can be leveraged for a lot of profits. This  means that you can use shipping to create an experience with the customer. When you deliver the products quickly and provide them with an experience, it  helps you. Alternatively, it provides you with additional business opportunities. Your customers are more likely to return to your business and spread your brand value through word of mouth. For this reason, you must tie up with the best shipping partners for eCommerce. Some of these allow you to send tracking notifications to your customers, thus, enhancing their experience. 

11 Shipping Partners for eCommerce Your Business Needs Today 


FedEx is one of the most popular courier companies across the world. It is widely known for its  top quality services. People trust FedEx all over the world. Having said that, it is also one of the fast growing shipping partners for eCommerce. Since eCommerce is already a growing industry, FedEx offers a unique division for seller.s in this, the shipping rates are lower than usual. This means that you can ship more at the extremely low shipping costs. Moreover, since it is a reputed brand globally, its policies are standardized. FedEx helps you save costs while gaining an edge in shipping.


Xpressbees in an Indian courier company. It is relatively new to the eCommerce market. But nonetheless, it is making its mark upon people with its quality delivery services. Xpressbees is one of the fastest and low cost shipping partners for eCommerce. It helps you take your business to your customer’s doorstep without having to spend a lot. A lot of popular apparel brands ship with Xpressbees. They have a good reach to a lot of local regions in India. This means that you get to ship in a lot of areas and leverage shipping for profits. 

ECom Express

Another popular courier company when it comes to eCommerce is Ecom Express. Ecom express has a separate division for eCommerce sellers. Apart from this they also have a global division. So, in case if you are planning to take your business to the world, you can leverage these services. Ecom Express has a reputed name in the market for fast and efficient delivery services. This means that they help deliver the products at fastest rates without compromising on the quality of the delivery. 


You must have heard the name Delivery, if you’re even slightly related to eCOmmerce. Delhivery is a popular courier service that has years of experience in delivering the parcels to the customer’s doorsteps. Delivery stands up to its quality of delivery along with providing the lowest costs.


Originally ekart was only for sellers on Flipkart. But, now the courier company delivers to a wide range of locations for all online sellers. Ekart is one of the fastest shipping partners for eCommerce. It provides customers with tracking information and delivers safely.


Gati is one of the lowest cost shipping partners for eCommerce. You can ship with Gati to a wide range of locations without having to worry about anything. They are inexpensive, reliable and take care of your parcel. 


DTDC is yet another shipping partner for eCOmmerce. If you’re shipping with DTDC, you are guaranteed fast delivery at low costs. Moreover, your customers get tracking information and superior quality of delivery. 


Blue Dart is one of the best shipping partners for eCommerce. It is known not just in India but throughout Asia for its high quality delivery services. Bluedart is a courier partner you can trust blindly. 


Grandalf’s horse was indeed the fastest of all in Lord of the Rings! The same goes with the courier partner Shadowfax. It is reliable , low costs and makes sure that your parcel is delivered to the customer’s doorstep with utmost care.


DHL is no new company when it comes to making parcel deliveries. It is renowned all across the world for its cutting edge technologies. DHL is one of the best shipping partners for eCommerce.


In case you’re looking to ship with more than 8 courier partners from one platform you can ship with Dash101. It is a logistics aggregator service that helps you take your business to the next level. Dash101 stands up to its reputation of high quality deliveries and helps you maximize your reach to  26000+ Pin codes. 

Make the Most of Shipping Partners for eCommerce

When it comes to shipping partners for eCommerce it is always a good idea to ship with an all-encompassing partner like Dash101. This is because they help you scale your business. With the lowest shipping rates starting at RS 23/ 500 gms and bets in class deliveries, you make the most of your business. 


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