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Shopify: A Unique Business Value Proposition

ecommerce marketing practices
ecommerce marketing practices

Shopify is an eCommerce website builder and a platform that caters to any kind of business. Irrespective of its size and nature, Shopify helps an eCommerce merchant become accessible anytime and from anywhere. Through the eCommerce platform, one can manage orders, ship products, and avail secured payment gateways. 

“The Canadian multinational e-commerce platform was started by  Tobias Lütke in the year 2004”

An eCommerce business cycle consists of three pillars – sales, marketing, and management. Shopify has a unique business value proposition. It offers business gain by providing various services that strengthen each pillar of a business.

Let’s take a look at the 3 pillars of an eCommerce Business Cycle:


The existence of any business lies in the ongoing sales, where partners can achieve their sales targets efficiently and Shopify helps to build a 360-degree ecosystem in a structured manner. 

Online Store – One can sell anytime and anywhere. The mobile app is optimized to ensure that partners have a glitch-free shopping experience. The app syncs the entire inventory across all sales channels to help track all the action live.

POS (Point of Sales) – Touch points are the most prominent part of the supply chain to reach customers. Point of Sales (POS) is the much-needed mode to sell and communicate with customers.

Shopify provides a robust platform to integrate in-store and online sales on a smartphone or tablet. A lot of plans are carefully curated to suit your POS models at different locations with a one-month free trial.

Buy Button – The Shopify Buy Button can add your products to any website or blog. It embeds a customisable shopping cart in a single button.

Checkout – A pleasant shopping experience can help your business stand out among the rest. This is where Shopify Checkout stands out among others by providing a 60% faster check out. Shopify offers salient features such as flash sales to attract customers and voluminous trades. 

Sales Channels – Use sales channels like Facebook Messenger and Facebook Shop to easily boost your sales and double your profits.

Customer Forefront Tools – Build your website with a variety of forefront tools offered by Shopify. As a result, you can use these tools to help you engage and increase customer loyalty by creating custom experiences.


Marketing is the second most important aspect of a successful business. Shopify brings you all the digital marketing tools under one roof. A few of these tools include:

Email marketing – Shopify’s email marketing tools is great as it easily helps you reach your potential and target customers to build strong customer relationships. Also, you can easily create complete marketing campaigns and simplify sending e-mailers with just a click of a button.

Shopify Ping – Shopify offers a free messaging app that helps you easily connect with your customers so that you can address their requirements. The app allows you to share product details and discount codes to ensure you can easily grow your sales and brand equity.

Google Shopping – Google marketing campaigns can help you improve the visibility of your business and list it among top Google searches. With the help of this too, you can easily create budget-friendly campaigns that add a little competitive advantage to your business.

Facebook Ads – Facebook is one of the most popular platforms with a wide set of audiences. So, using Facebook Ads can add a lot of value to your business. Shopify can help you create Facebook Ads for your targeted audiences and make sure that you create a few different ads to understand which ads are more appealing to which crowd. Now, easily review the campaign results and get insights into your customer preferences.

The Analytics plays the most integral part of marketing campaigns since you can use analytics to understand customer behavior. You can easily check your’s ads reach and interactions using Shopify’s in-built analytics dashboard, which can help you get complete insights into your store’s performance and fast selling products.


Management is the third pillar of any successful business. Shopify brings reliable services in this segment as well, including things like managing your business by tracking order placement, order fulfillment, centralized inventory management, and even payments. As a result, you can see your business attain growth hassle-free and available on-the-go.

Shopify partners can sell products or services ranging from appointments, memberships, event tickets, workshops to digital gift cards. It creates a unique position by providing in-store and online sales together. In short, the platform encompasses a complete overview of all your business attributes and offers a smart way to excel in business.

Shopify For Everyone

The eCommerce platform accepts payments through global currencies and digital wallets. Partners can work closely with Shopify experts and customize their store needs. The online store can accept payments through 100 secured payment gateways. It also helps increase your customer engagement on the online store in 50+ languages and even includes customisable themes. The 24*7 support system is always there to help you resolve all your queries.

Shopify shipping is a robust delivery model that helps enhance your business and enrich your customers’ delight. It also provides a distinct feature of flexible shipping rates that help profitable growth. Free shipping facilities for bulk orders that can be an added advantage for you and your customers. All features can through Shopify Partners Program:

Shopify Lite

The Shopify Lite program is a cheaper variant that costs $9 per month with a free 90-day trial. It is mostly suited for Facebook selling, where you can easily connect with your customers through the Facebook messenger. So, all you have to do is create a Buy Button to help customers shop and you’re ready.

Shopify Gold

The Shopify Gold Program can help you scale up your business faster. In other words, it offers simple payment and shipping solutions to ensure that you don’t waste a lot of time on things that don’t matter. The program provides marketing and accounting integrations, which helps track the popularity and profitability of your business.

With customised themes and in-built analytics dashboards, the Gold program can also help track customer preferences. The plan helps you sell on global platforms like Amazon US, eBay, and Instagram. The Shopify Gold plan allows the best customer checkout experience.

Basic Shopify

The Shopify Basic Plan was designed keeping in mind the traditional brick and mortar shops who would like to shift their businesses online. Therefore, the plan makes it easy for them to create a tailored eCommerce experience. The Basic Shopify plan costs 29$/month.


The generic Shopify plan is best suited for growing small and medium scale businesses with minimum one retail location. Subscription for this is slightly on the steeper side, with costs around $79/ per month to get started.

Advanced Shopify

Adding to the basic Shopify plan, the Advance Shopify plan allows you to easily scale-up your business with advanced features and analytics. The plan costs 299$ per month and offers features such as deep insights and reports to help better customer penetration and an increase in profitability.

In order to help businesses stay ahead of the competition, Shopify is slowly emerging as a guiding force, through which one can gain visibility in the market.  

Shopify Dropshipping

For any reseller trying to start an e-commerce store, must understand that managing inventory is a costly and hasty task. Shopify Dropshipping, as a business model allows resellers to kickstart their online business and sell products without the need for stockpiling. So, dropshipping stores pick products straight away from a third party and deliver them to the customer making it easier for them to start businesses with limited investment.

Additionally, there are a number of dropshipping companies that offer a hassle-free and low-risk options for online businesses who wish to start a new product line without owning them. For these companies, Shopify Dropshipping assists small and medium-scale enterprises (SME) in setting up their online stores in low budget, and hassle-free.

what is shopify

Shopify Dropshipping Approach

 The Shopify Dropshipping approach offers two distinct mechanisms:

  • One where it uses a supplier database or an app to connect your store to a vast number of suppliers. 
  • Second, Shopify has developed an online marketplace app called Oberlo. This is synced with vendors and aids SMBs in finding products to sell. 

Targeting the right audience and persuading them to buy the product isn’t enough. This is where customer experience plays a part and is important.

Dash101 brought to you by Shop101, offers Shopify channel integration for an eCommerce business owner. So, you can easily combine Shopify with Dash101 to create a stronger and more sustainable business. It begins with navigating them to the site and delivers an effective shipping solution.


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