How to use shoppable tags on Instagram & increase your sales

Shoppable Tags on Instagram – How Does It Enhance Social Selling?

In a world of social media, giving your store a social media presence could be advantageous to your business. Initially, you could only promote your business through Instagram, but with your new Instagram feature – Shoppable Tags, you can bring your store to your social media.

Instagram offers a unique feature of adding shopping tags to your Instagram posts. This feature is available in almost 45 countries. Here is all that you need to know about shoppable tags and how to enable it for your business.

What are shoppable tags?

Shoppable tags are price tags that you can attach to your Instagram posts, they are normally added with a short description and the price of the product. Clicking on these tags will direct potential customers directly to your shopping page, and the buyer can opt to shop directly on Instagram instead of navigating or moving to a different browser.

How to enable shopping tags

To enable shoppable tags on your Instagram account, you should follow these steps.

Switch to a business account

To enjoy various features of any app, you need to update your app and check if you are using the latest version. Instagram offers an option of having a business account, without which you cannot access shoppable tags features and get insights of your business. To switch to a business account, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to settings
  • Select “account”
  • Select “Switch to business account”
  • Review your contact information and you’re good to go.

You cannot use a business account on Instagram without linking your Facebook business account to your Instagram account. Hence, the next step would be to set up a Facebook account and link them up.

Work on a product catalog

Now that you’ve linked your Facebook, you can connect your Instagram business account to your Facebook product catalog. This catalog would include a list of products that you wish to sell on your Instagram account. You can then use shoppable tags to help boost your sales.

Send account for review

After you’ve completed all of the above steps, Facebook will review your account and you will receive a notification from them informing you about tagging your products on Instagram.

Tag products on an Instagram post

Once you upload a picture with captions, you can tap on the product you want to tag, select the product from the list of the catalog that appears, and shares your image. The maximum shoppable tags that you can add to one image are five tags.

Tag products in Instagram stories

To tag products on Instagram in Instagram stories, upload a story, and choose your product options. Select the product from the list and tag it in your stories. Keep in mind that you can tag only one product per story.

With the changing times, we need to adopt new trends and patterns to see growth in our businesses. Shoppable tags shorten the user journey and make it more convenient to buy directly from Instagram. If used correctly, they can add value to your business and keep you at the top of your game.


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