Social Commerce is Introducing E-commerce to Bharat

Social Commerce is Introducing E-commerce to Bharat

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Social commerce is making entrepreneurship easy for anyone to get on board. It removes all the barriers so that anyone can make it big in the world of business. We have witnessed the arrival of so many unknown faces known as influencers, followed by influencer buyer behaviour.

Social commerce is using traditional forms of advertising like word of mouth. Hence, with the growing social media interactions, resellers promote small and medium scaled sellers. Thus, to build an online marketplace for products, home items, local handicrafts, etc. Social commerce is a solid way of making India Atma Nirbhar.

After the pandemic struck, social commerce has seen a boom as people have found running an online business more profitable. Irrespective of the lack of movement among cities, resellers have continued making their sales.

Influence of Social Media

We’re well aware of the influence of social media in the different spheres of our lives. Its technological changes made to deliver a one-of-a-kind customer experience. Customer demands have become more challenging over the years. This is where Social media comes into play, social commerce integrates regular browsing on social media and makes the Reseller the one-stop-shop. 90% of small and medium businesses run on WhatsApp. As it also encourages forwarding and reading messages at a faster rate.

The role of logistics and payments

Logistics and payments are the key enablers of the e-commerce ecosystem in India. Since most pickups happen from tier II and tier III cities, it is essential to have strong logistic partners to attain maximum reach. Logistics and payments have a deeper role to play as India is still largely dependent on Cash for online purchases.


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