Social Selling - How to Efficiently Sell Via Social Media?

Social Selling – How to Efficiently Sell Via Social Media?

Social Media Selling

The days of calling and waiting for the respondent to pick you call and pitch your sales are long gone. Social media is making everything possible and is one of the main factors backing up the rapidly growing e-commerce. Social selling can generate more leads and avoid unnecessary challenges that can be easily avoided. Let’s get a clear idea of what social selling is.

What is Social Selling?

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Social selling is the use of social media to find and engage new prospects by salespeople. New prospects mainly deal with responding to comments, answering questions, and sharing content throughout the buying process. The traditional sales model of cold calling revolved around sales demos and qualifying leads. On the other hand, social selling is fuelled by two important factors like educating and engaging new prospects. Here are five killer ways that you can efficiently sell through social media.

Ways To Sell Via Social Media

Social Media Selling

1. Build your social network

The primary element of social media selling is a social network. Building a social network requires a lot of effort and consistency. Looking out for groups relevant to your industry could work as a catalyst and help you build that network faster than usual. Once you find relevant groups, engage in discussions, and build a rapport with them.

2. Work on Quality Content

If you’re thinking about ways to drive up your sales and increase user engagement, content is the key. The relevancy of your content will enable you to connect with your audiences and result in higher sales. Content such as videos and images can build curiosity about your product and grab attention. Most importantly, your content needs to be fresh and in relation to your product.

3. Choose a relevant Social Network

It’s easy to get caught up in the big world of social media. But your goal is to find the same platform as your customers. This is what sets the foundation for finding success in social selling. You need to identify social networking sites that match the profile of your potential customers. Eg. If your product is for teenagers, you need to use Facebook and Instagram. On the other hand, if you sell products or services towards businesses and decision-makers, use LinkedIn or Twitter.

4. Invite Reviews

Have you ever made a purchase based on the recommendation of your friend? You’d be surprised to know that there’s a term for that., it is called word-of-mouth marketing and it is insane. Reviews help your brand get more visibility on social media platforms.  There is more trust in your brand when people hear about it from other people. Don’t be afraid of negative reviews. Take responsibility, and set an example of how quickly you can resolve customer issues.

5. Influencer marketing

Social selling and influencer marketing go hand in hand.  The buying decision of most customers is influenced by recommendations of someone they look up to. You can easily approach an influencer and ask them to market your product in exchange for a certain amount.

Selling on social media can be a tedious task and might involve more complex steps. However, the basics of it remain uncomplicated. Your goal is to focus on customer engagement and provide satisfactory solutions to your customers.


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