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Here’s What You Need to Know About Speed Post by India Post

Speed post by India post

Whether you’re an online seller or not, you must have heard the name of the service Speed Post Courier by India Post. India Post is the government powered postal service that runs in India. And Speed Post is its fastest delivery service that helps deliver the parcels in a very short duration of time. 

Lakhs of people use India Post to deliver their parcels from one place to another. And that’s because it is one of most trusted and reliable courier services in India. It is one of the earliest postal services that has managed to survive and retain its identity. People trust India post because of its high delivery success rate in the shortest amount of time. 

You can send all sorts of stuff with India Post as your courier company. Be it parcels, cards, letters, documents or any other crucial stuff, India Post stands out with its efficient delivery services. However, the unique attribute about India Post is that its services are low cost. 

While Speed Post Courier by India Post is undoubtedly one of the most reliable services, there is yet another side to it. Many sellers often wonder whether India Post is suitable to ship parcels to the customer’s doorsteps. No doubt that once or more we have used India Post, but its relevance in ecommerce is still not popular.

You might have a lot of questions at this point regarding India Post and its services. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Take a look below to know the A to Z of Speed Post Courier by India Post.

The History of Speed Post Courier by India Post

Speed Post Courier by India Post started in 1986. The aim of the service was to deliver the parcels within 2-3 days of the assignment. So, if you shipped something on 1st of the month, it would have reached the destination by 3rd. Speed Post Courier by India Post was first named as EMS Speed Post and that’s how it became popular among the citizens of the country.

Speed Post Courier by India Post is known primarily for its time bound services. Being India’s oldest postal service, it has excellent coverage. Using India Post you can deliver to 27000+ Pin codes in India. In addition to this, the courier service also offers a digital tracking facility. This means that once you ship your parcels you can look at their status online. 

There was a time when people had to wait for days to receive letters. There was seldom the concept of sending parcels, like it is today. And letters were the only mode of communication from a distance.

To ease this, postal services were introduced. These were fast and rapid. Thus, communication improved and people could reach out to each other more often. When the timeframe of delivery reduced to as less as 2-3 days, people began to see other opportunities as well.

For example, they could ship some other stuff apart from letters to their loved ones. Be it items of food, clothing or money. All this became possible. This further opened the avenues of business.  

However, logistics has evolved ever since. From postal services, the next generation came in the form of courier services. There were full fledged courier services that could take your parcels and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep. Then came the age of 3Pl services. Third party logistic providers took the entire aspect of business to the next level. Sellers could now ship their parcels to anywhere in the world effortlessly. 

What are the Features of Speed Post Courier by India Post?

Speed Post Courier by India Post still has a lot of attractive features that make it a good choice for people. Here are something that you can look forward to-

Time Bound Deliveries

As the name suggests, Speed Post Courier by India Post is known for its speedy deliveries. You can rely on the postal services with eyes closed. Considering that there are no exceptions like curfews, lockdowns etc, the postal service stands up to its name quite well. Speed Post Courier by India Post takes usually 2-3 days to deliver the parcels.

Highest Reach

Being a government powered postal service, India Post has the highest reach to pincodes in India. You can reach out to far off locations without any hassles when you’re shipping with India Post. Moreover, you get to do it at low costs. Therefore, if you’ve been thinking whether you can deliver to customers in a remote area, trust that India Post will have the serviceability there.

No Upfront Payment

Shipping via India Post doesn’t require any upfront payment. You only pay the shipping charges of your package. Many courier services charge subscription fees to ship from their platform. This is not the case with Speed Post Courier by India Post.

Pick Up Services

For bulk and corporate orders, India Post also offers free pick up services. Therefore, if you have to deliver bulk products to a specific delivery location, you can leverage India Post. For example, you might have to order products in bulk from your manufacturer. In this case, you can easily leverage India Post and deliver rapidly to your warehouse.

International Shipping

If you think that Speed Post Courier by India Post can only be used within India, you’re mistaken. With advancement in logistics and easy access to other countries, Speed Post Courier by India Post also delivers to other countries. It has an extensive delivery network in several countries. So, if you want to leverage this opportunity to ship international parcels, you can do it with ease.

speed post courier by india post

Tracking Facility

Speed Post Courier by India Post offers a tracking facility to its customers. So, let’s say that you ship a parcel to a particular pincode. Using the tracking facility you can know the status of your shipped parcel this helps you stay aware. Moreover, if you are delivering to your customer, it can provide them a heightened level of customer experience. 


Often parcels are damaged during the transit. Using India Post, you can stay assured that your package will be covered. In case the package is damaged in the transit, you get the reimbursement of the amount of the package from the postal service.

Low Costs

One of the best shipping perks with Speed Post Courier by India Post is its low costs. A consignment up to 50 grams can be sent for as low as Rs 15. It obviously depends on your delivery location, but overall it is the most cost effective service. It is amazon to note how Speed Post Courier by India Post manages to deliver so efficiently at the lowest costs. 

Volume Based Discounts

If you have a large bulk of products to ship everyday, Speed Post Courier by India Post can also offer you multiple discounted shipping options. Depending on how rapidly you want your products to be delivered, the shipping charges are lowered. Therefore, if you are in an ecommerce business, you’d like to leverage this feature for your business. The more you ship, the lower your shipping costs become. 

Compensation for Delay, Pilferage, Loss of Package

Being a responsible courier service, if your package is damaged during transit, Speed Post Courier by India Post reimburses the shipper. This is to make sure that the shipper does not have to face any losses for no fault of theirs.

Cash On Delivery Services

Cash on delivery services are essential in ecommerce. They are required because a lot of customers expect cash on delivery as a mode of payment for their orders. Speed Post Courier by India Post offers cash on delivery services that can help you cater to the demand of the customers with ease. 

Is India Post Suitable for eCommerce?

If you look at the basic services, India post offers them all. It helps you ship the parcels to the delivery locations rapidly. The shipping costs are less and moreover, there is tracking to help you inform your customers about the status of the order. In addition to this, Speed Post Courier by India Post can help you maximize your reach to customers in India and abroad. But, it ultimately depends on the priorities of your business.

In case you are looking for some additional options, the best options will be to leverage third party logistics services. 3PL services can provide you added features like return order management, multiple payment options and more. The best part is that you get to ship with multiple courier partners from a single roof. 

However, it all comes down to the nature of products you plan on selling. If you are a seller of greeting cards, papers or other robust goods, you can leverage Speed Post Courier by India Post. However, if you are shipping more sophisticated items, you must rely on a courier aggregator like Dash101. Using it you can ship to 26000+ Pin codes without a lot of efforts. You can keep a track of your inventory from the panel and get started with shipping for as low as Rs 23/500 gms.


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