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Starting an online business- Simplified with Dash101

While physical stores were in vogue in the early aughts, the 2020s mark the era of online stores. Today, everything that’s online is hot and everything that’s not online has a chance of slipping into oblivion. As communication and technology progress, the world is steadily coming together. Today, a business can cater not just to an area or city but to the whole world. With an online business, you can broaden your horizons and expand your audience by widening your reach. If you’re not a voracious internet user, starting an online business might seem tricky. However, with the right resources, you will learn quickly and will be ready to rule the eCommerce space in no time!

In order to run a successful eCommerce business, it is first important to understand everything you will need. The first step of starting an online business is having a strong online presence. While people often target social media, the most important bit is actually having an online store. The best way to do that is to have a website that offers eCommerce too. The website not only gives the customer complete details about your business but also enables them to make purchases then and there. While setting up a website, it is very important to make it user-friendly. We will now go into the important steps that you must consider while starting an online business

Checklist for starting an online business:

While there are multiple things that will keep popping up in your journey as an entrepreneur, there are some things that you must take care of in the preliminary stage. Setting up an online business is slightly more nuanced and requires you to handle certain tasks with care. Some of the most important parameters are:

  • Designing a website: Your website is like the home for your business. It is your address in the digital ecosystem. The quality of your website, the ease of navigating through it, will form public perception of your business. It is important to spend a good amount of time building your website. User experience and user interface, also known as UX and UI, are major aspects of building a good website. It is also important to use good product pictures for your website. A website must be visually appealing so that it helps attract customers.
  • eCommerce service: Your end-goal as an online business owner would be to generate sales and without eCommerce, that is not possible. Having an eCommerce setup is a very crucial part of starting an online business, one part that people often miss. But if you want to start growing swifty, it is important to enable eCommerce. eCommerce enables customers to browse through your range of products and make a purchase immediately. While setting up eCommerce, you must also consider installing a payment gateway because it simplifies the entire process.
  • Shipping + Delivery logistics: If you run an online business, you do save a lot of time and energy that goes into maintaining a physical store. But you must take care of other logistics. When people buy your products online, they expect the products to be delivered to their doorstep in impeccable condition. In order to ensure that, you must manage shipping, packaging, delivery etc.

#DoItAll with Dash101

If you find starting an online business to be a cumbersome process, Dash101 is here to simplify it for you! Dash101 is a one-stop solution for all your online business needs. It helps you design your website and set up an online store that is customer-friendly. Additionally, Dash101 also helps you with shipping and delivery, With 8+ delivery partners and 27,000+ serviceable pin codes, Dash101 helps you deliver your product in the best condition. The best part is that shipping with Dash101 starts at Rs. 23 so your budgets are taken care of!

If you need help starting an online business, Dash101 is here for you. Download the Dash101 app today and get started!


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