7 Reasons To Buy Stock Photos And Images for eCommerce

7 Reasons To Buy Stock Photos And Images for eCommerce


The internet without photos is like a black and white film. However, there’s no assurance that it will attract its users. Photos are customarily used on websites, ads, blogs, eBooks, etc. But, the risk that comes along with taking images from the internet can easily outweigh the perceived financial benefit. If you’re not willing to pay for photos, there are stock photo agencies that avail of a free photo gallery. Here are 7 reasons why to buy stock photos and images.

The demand for the use of photos on the internet has increased. And stock photo agencies are making the search easier. Moreover, people are using stock photo agencies to buy their photos, images, and to protect their company from any Copyright issues.


Stock photos

Using stock images, videos, illustrations, etc is not a tedious process. These images are already available for an immediate download and require only two steps to make this happen. If you don’t want to waste too much time searching then buying and downloading is fast and simple. And if you’re looking for a particular picture like travel photos, unique model pictures, location photos, buying stock photos is the easiest way to go about this work.


The best stock photo agencies have the best collections of pictures. Moreover, they should have a minimum of 8 to 13 million stock photos in their database. Large databases have sophisticated keywords for search engines. This has already made your selection easier. To make your selection process easier, it is recommended to have a membership.


The licensing needs vary depending on what the project is all about. Through a stock photo agency, you have greater access to multiple licensing options, extended licenses, and rights-managed. This will only give you more freedom for your project and most importantly greater protection. Every picture that you download has a license, royalty-free, so you are protected under the terms and conditions of the agency.


A royalty-free photo comes with property and model releases, Releases are nothing but legal arguments from the property owners and models stating that they have agreed to their images being used under general conditions.

Membership Perks

Having a free membership to many stock photo agencies works in your favor. Generally, stock agencies publish newsletters, free photos, new photos that are only accessible to members. Agencies like Shutterstock, iStockphoto, Canstockphoto, Veer, etc offer free weekly photos.

More Photographers and Designers

Every stock agency has contracts with many photographers and designers. Hence, joining any agency will give you easier access to stock photos of more photographers and designers. This is useful when you need unique and location-specific images.

Buying Options

Each stock agency has a different price structure and licensing prices. Once you’ve understood the benefits of each agency, you can use your free membership to your advantage. You can efficiently do that by capitalizing on the cheaper option that each stock agency features.

Well, buying stock photos has more than just 7 benefits. Your immediate design needs can be fulfilled with help of being a member of these agencies.


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