Top 10 Popular eCommerce Websites In India You Should Keep an Eye for

Top 10 Popular eCommerce Websites In India

popular eCommerce websites

E-commerce is simply a way of life in India. Thanks to a surge in internet use and the adoption of smartphones, Indians are constantly surfing on e-commerce websites. Hence, let’s dive deeper and take a look at some of the most popular eCommerce websites in India.

Amazon India

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Whether or not you’ve stepped into the world of eCommerce, you have definitely heard of amazon at some point. Amazon is one of the largest eCommerce websites that have an estimated reach of 89 % in India according to Statista. Without a doubt, this makes Amazon India the highest performing site in the country.

Other than electronics, Amazon has a wide range of men’s fashion, home décor, Women’s apparel, grocery, etc. You name an item and you will find that it is available on Amazon.


Flipkart launched its website in India six years prior to Amazon. However, it holds the second-best place in website popularity. It is a homegrown eCommerce success story that is putting up strong competition against other international websites.


To begin with, Alibaba does not have an Indian website. Founded in China in 1999.  You probably must’ve never come across an Alibaba ad where they are asking Indians to buy on Alibaba. However, customers have discovered the benefits of making a bulk purchase from an online megastore.


Known to be India’s very own Walmart. The online marketplace has an adopted eCommerce model that brings several buyers and sellers together. Unlike Alibaba, Snapdeal caters to an Indian eCommerce website founded by Kunal Bahl.

eBay India

How can we talk about Amazon and not mention eBay? eBay has quietly found its path and sprung across the world. It entered the online marketplace in 2005, ever since it has seen rises and downfalls. Furthermore, users in the eBay community are allowed to trade locally, regionally, and globally. 


The Online eCommerce platform launched in 2007, has now become the premium hub for fashion, home, and lifestyle products. Myntra offers a large range of goods from international and local brands as well. Myntra has seen significant growth in comparison to other competing fashion retail websites.


IndiaMart is one of the largest B2B and among the popular eCommerce websites. It dates back to 1999 with the idea of connecting buyers and sellers. IndiaMart connects manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, through their platform. It had categories like building and construction, industrial machinery, apparel, etc.


Nykaa started off as a pure eCommerce brand and has now expanded its business to brick-and-mortar stores. It is an Indian eCommerce website selling beauty products. Founded in 2012 and over the years has gained more popularity. 

First Cry

FirstCry was founded in 2010, it specializes in the supply of goods required for babies and children up to early teens. Anything that one could need for their little ones, is available on the First cry.


BookMyShow is India’s top online ticket vendor. Its service is provided in Sri Lanka, west indies, Indonesia, and well UAE. Know for movies, matches, fan meets, etc. which justifies their popularity.

popular eCommerce websites

The scope of eCommerce has increased in India. Companies that were practicing the brick and mortar model are also expanding their business through websites. Companies have realized that a website is necessary for any business. Online selling is the next big thing in Indian eCommerce. Creating an online store is a cakewalk with website store creators such as Shopify and Dash101. Starting an online business and have no idea how to begin? Download Dash101 App and get all your queries answered.


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