Top Logistics Companies in India You Should Check Now

Top Logistics Companies in India You Should Check Now

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India has always had services for intrastate or intracity transportation of goods. But in the last decade or so, even the Ecommerce industry has looked into logistics as being crucial in order for shipping and deliveries to happen. In fact top ecommerce logistics companies in India have opened their doors to the E-commerce industry, revising their pricing to meet the requirements of these businesses. This has helped improve the ease of doing business. As a result, more and more businesses have ventured into E-commerce.

Logistics aggregators have actually put together a good fulfilment process, ensuring that the post-purchase Ecommerce related tasks operate smoothly. Since the Ecommerce business is all digital, these logistic companies have also incorporated the same approach. This helps maintain the flow of operations. Without further ado, let us look at a few logistics companies in India. These companies are changing the shipping and delivery game for small businesses.

Top logistics companies in India

top logistics companies in India


We’ve all seen a FedEx truck pass us at least once. This express delivery partner has been around for a while. They not only cater to bigger consignments but also involve shipping and delivery of eCommerce businesses. They have different categories for their services viz. FedEx standard, FedEx economy, and so on, and you can choose the one that fits your business. In fact, their support team can help you with the signing-up process. They’re equipped to get you onboard by filling out a few details on the company’s form. So, if you’re looking for super-fast delivery, FedEx definitely makes it to the list of top logistics companies in India. The supply chain solution also helps in the best logistics companies.

VRL logistics Ltd.

What started off as a business idea using a single truck is now spread across 929 branches and sub-branches in India. VRL Logistics ltd. have both cargo and courier services under them. These operate in 23 states in India and they’re definitely the largest network right now. They not only manage big consignments but they also tend to smaller packages as well. One of the reasons that they’re so well known is because they made it to the Limca Book of Records for being the single largest fleet owner of commercial vehicles in the country’s private sector. That makes them among the best logistics companies in India and one that you can use for your Ecommerce business as well.


With 8 integrated shipping partners to process fulfillments and Ecommerce operations, Dash101 is that no subscription logistics aggregator that you’re looking for. They are spread across 27,000+ pin codes and the shipping costs start at INR23/500gms. Isn’t that great? We’re not done yet!

They even help deliver small shipments and have a no minimum order commitment. They also boast of seamless reverse pickup at a low cost. Definitely seems like a shipping solution that will fulfil all your Ecommerce business requirements.

How does it work?

  1. Either you or your customer places an order on the website
  2. After which you get to pick from the list of courier services available. Either that or the SPR does the job for you and assigns a shipping partner that best suits your needs.
  3. Get your package in order and ready for pickup
  4. Be regularly updated about your shipment

Get your own website

As you know the importance of social media and having a digital presence, you should know the importance of having a website for your Ecommerce business. Through the Dash101 store creator, you can give your business a professional look and feel. This feature will only amp up your business because it’ll give your customers a direct platform to understand your services better.


So, if you’re an Ecommerce business looking for a logistics aggregator to support shipping and delivery of your products, you can definitely choose from the above list. Having the right shipping partner is very important for your business as it helps customers review your services better, with timely deliveries and packages handled with care.

If you want to take your business to the next level, it’s time to consider partnering with a logistics company. Check out Dash101 and explore the different solutions they provide. Choose the best solutions for your business and get ready for more profits! It’s your time to make it large! Make the most of it, with Dash101!


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