4 Modes of Transport Logistics you Should Consider for eCommerce Now!

4 Modes of Transport Logistics you Should Consider for eCommerce Now!

transport logistics

Logistics, basically understood as the commercial activity of transportation. Transporting goods to the customers, for example. Logistics, in general, is referred to as transportation, but that is not how the term was originally designated. The term transport logistics is a combination of all the factors from warehousing to transportation.  Here is everything you need to know about transport logistics and the 4 modes of transport for your eCommerce.

Logistics involves things like transportation, inventory, packaging, supplies and sometimes, social security and warehousing.Just like logistics helps the business by saving costs, transport logistics helps delivering products from one location to another.

Transport Logistics, spotlights only the transport side of the business. Nowadays, many companies have the tasks of transportation managed by the ‘Logistics Department’ 

It’s important to learn the difference between logistics and transport logistics; not something complicated.

Supply Chain?

While the term ‘supply chain’ works the same as ‘logistics’,the only difference is that supply chain management approaches a broader meaning.Supply chain management emphasizes basically everything counting the operations from sourcing,manufacturing and the delivery of the product.So it includes everything unlike transport logistics that only makes a point of the transport(transportation)

Logistics Department

Let’s have a look at why the transport logistics actually exist.

So when you observe a transport logistics company, they usually take care of the transportation of;

  1. Parcel
  2. Freight brokerage
  3. Intermodels
  4. International transportation

All of these terms fall under the category of logistics. Various other tasks are performed by transport logistics but limits to transportation only.

Modes of Transport Logistics

The different modes in which logistics can be classified as road, maritime, rail, and air transport.

Road Transport

transport logistics

Road transportation now the absolute for businesses that need to deliver products quickly to either warehouse, industry, or the customer’s doorstep. This transportation, majorly preferred due to lower costs for either continuity or fuel. You will find many reliable services available so it is better to have a patient look.

Maritime Transport

transport logistics

Ship transportation as it’s also called is for the businesses that require delivery of heavy goods or international shipping. Bulky construction goods, agriculture goods, or metals shipped easily, may not be efficient compared to air transportation. The major reason is time constraints. Hence, one needs to thoroughly consider and research well. Once you schedule your delivery right, maritime transportation is best suited.

Rail Transport

Considered to be one of the significant modes of transportation in transport logistics since the past. Railway delivery usually avoids delays due to their fixed schedule of travel and does not face issues like roadblocks or traffic.

Air Transport

The best-preferred transport for quick deliveries even if the shipment travels overseas. Planes also travel on a fixed schedule making them reliable in the delivery service. But compared to other modes of transport, air transportation limits the weightage or capacity of the product for ideal safety reasons.

You can call it a competition when you watch the success in your business after choosing the right mode of transportation for the safety of your products and after all that goes without saying, the satisfaction of the customers!

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