4 Types Of Delivery Services In India To Look Out For Amidst COVID-19

4 Types Of Delivery Services In India To Look Out For Amidst COVID-19

Delivery Service in India

Currently, India is under lockdown. This has consistently led to a rise in online shopping, especially in urban areas. That is most likely to increase even if there are relaxations in the lockdown regulations. Recent studies show that the appetite for online shopping is set to increase by a whopping 20% in the following six to nine months. Even though consumers have shifted their preference to online shopping, they want certain assurances like timely delivery, compensation for any order that stands canceled, hygienic or contactless transactions, and a higher scope for making payments online to be in place. Continue reading to understand the types of delivery services available in India amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is Online Delivery Service?

Online delivery can be defined as a convenient and simple way for customers to make purchases over the internet.  This system is enabled entirely by the internet as the internet connects the companies and customers as well. Additionally, it does not require tangible factors like the presence of the product, seller or buyer. 

Nature of Delivery Admist Covid-19

Promised timely deliveries

The importance of delivery has considerably increased. Thus, it has taken the central role in the prevention of spreading the virus. While the lockdown policy has forced millions to stay and home and resort to online deliveries.

In short, this opens up opportunities for delivery platforms to partner with several grocery chains. The fluidity of their workforce allows them to tackle problems related to constant fluctuations in demand and supply. Giving customers the liberty to choose flexible delivery timings reflects the flexibility of your business as well. Aside from the assurance of delivery in time, keeping the convenience of your customer is key.

Importance to sanitation

 Buying and selling of goods and services will continue at a slower rate even during a pandemic. Assurance of a safe and sanitized delivery becomes a crucial aspect in maintaining the sales of a specific business. Ever since the outbreak of the virus, companies are consistently laying stress on “Contactless delivery.” Taking simple precautions like following social distancing norms, sanitizing hands between each delivery, use of a mark, etc. can eliminate the risk of transmission or contracting the virus. As a business, putting the safety of your customers as well as employers should take the top-most priority. Even if the lockdown regulations waive off, hygiene and sanitization must be a continued practice.

Introduction of dark stores

It’s almost impossible to run a physical store due to the uncertainty of the pandemic. Very soon, businesses will witness the introduction of “dark stores.” Going dark may be the only way to survive. What is a Dark store? Dark stores are retail outposts that stock up all of the necessary goods, their sole purpose is to fulfill online orders and avoid opening up their doors to offline customers.

Types Of Delivery

On-Demand Delivery

Can you imagine a world where anything you want, gets delivered to your door-step?

It would be pretty amazing right! On-demand delivery makes this imagination a reality. 

On-demand delivery, delivers a service or a specific product to the customer immediately after the order placed. Through the app, one can make an order, and the top favorite products is out for delivery. This shared economy model is restructuring the working of the world. This service model ,largely incorporates the food sector to fulfill the need for quick service. Businesses like Swiggy and UberEATS are the best examples of On-demand delivery.  

Scheduled On-Demand Delivery

Scheduled On-Demand delivery has evolved over the past years. This model is much suited for the convenience of the customers. It gives customers the liberty to select the time and date for the delivery. The scheduling generally allow resources to be reliable and efficient. Scheduled On-Time delivery works on a definite time basis. Where customers pre-plan the order delivery time or the delivery service provides slots for delivery or pick up

Hybrid model

The Hybrid model is a combination of On-Demand delivery and Scheduled On-Demand delivery. This model incorporates Dynamic Order Insertion. What is Dynamic Ordering Insertion you may ask? It is when you have an ice-cream truck that carries its regular inventory from stockist to end users (retailers), and carries extra inventory. This model aims to fulfill more orders placed after the truck is out for delivery. Hence, the usage of an extra inventory. 

Self-Pick Up

Some businesses offer an option of self-pickup to their customers. If the customer opts for a self-pickup, the pricing of the product will differ from the regular rate. Generally the model applied, is for businesses that have not invested in a separate work-force for delivery. In the case of self-pick-up, the pick-up address sent to the customer helps to locate the store easily. Dynamic Route Optimization assists the customer through traffic and provides the quickest route. 

Key Players In The Market

Amazon Transport Services (Amazon)

Amazon Transportation Services is just another market that Amazon is ready to disrupt. For the longest time, Amazon has been at the forefront of logistics with its Amazon Fulfillment services. They happen to call this trucking division Amazon Transportation Services.

Ekart Logistics

Ekart Logistics, established in 2009. It is by far India’s largest logistics and supply chain company. Ekart has now offered its delivery services to brands, sellers’ platforms, and consumers outside just the Flipkart group.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats specifically deals with the delivery of food. It allows delivery partners to use their cars to pick-up food from various participating restaurants and deliver it to customers. Customers can order and track the delivery status as well.


Swiggy provides an online platform where customers can order what they want from a wide range of listed neighborhood partner restaurants and have their own set of delivery personnel who pick up the orders from the partner restaurants and deliver it at the customer’s doorsteps


Founded in 2008, Zomato, today is found in every nook and corner of the country. It has grown from a home project to one of the largest food aggregators in the world.. They are globally present in 24 countries.


DHL’s has a widespread presence in more than 220 countries and territories across the globe. Making it one of the most renowned international companies in the world. It offers shipping, tracking, and courier delivery services. They’ve consistently had a staff dedicated to customers and very prompt service.

Blue Dart

Blue Dart is South Asia’s premier express air and integrated transportation and distribution company. It also accepts its social responsibility by supporting climate protection, disaster management, and education.


FedEx began its operations in India in 1984. Over the past two decades, they have continued to improve and increase our services to, from, and within India. FedEx has reinstated door to door pickup and delivery services for both domestic and international services. 

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