5 Important Things to Consider For Warehouse Location and Construction

5 Important Things to Consider For Warehouse Location and Construction

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Ecommerce businesses, as compared to an offline business, involve investments of a different kind. It includes setting up a website, tying up with logistics aggregators, permits, internet connectivity for smooth operations, and so on. Another expense that is a part of your business is that of investing in the right warehouse location and construction alike.

It is very important to set up your warehouse in a location that is easily accessible. Also, one that has all the legal formalities looked into and the rent of which fits your budget. In order for the warehouse location and construction to work for your business, there are a few things that need attention. These factors will indirectly help in logistics and you will find out how.

5 things to consider for warehouse location and construction

warehouse location and construction

Rent and Tax

Every eCommerce business will have a strategy in place. This business strategy comprises your budgets, company investments, rent and taxes of the warehouse you hire, and more. It is important to see if the rent aligns with that particular warehouse location and construction together. It is advisable to check the papers of the location and check for loopholes if any. You don’t want to end up paying more than you should.

Availability of labour

Since all your business operations will take place from the warehouse, you need to check if there is enough labor available around that location. Having a workforce available closer to the warehouse location and construction site will save you the hassle of arranging transport, which is again an additional cost.

Surrounding areas of warehouse

Getting the right warehouse location and constructing a space for your business requirements is great but it will fail miserably if the surrounding areas aren’t developed enough. You need to check your warehouse’s proximity to some of the main areas around that location. Identify if your goods carrier has room to enter the locality, whether there are airports or ports around to manage transportation of goods.

Roads for warehouse location and construction

If your warehouse location and construction that takes place, is near a highway, it is definitely more beneficial as compared to the regular roads. Highways indicate moving traffic. So the speed of transportation of goods also won’t be compromised. Also, in the case of national highways, they’re all well constructed. This only means a less bumpy ride and faster delivery owing to the smooth roads and easy access.

Region specific warehouse

Choosing a warehouse location near an area that generates maximum sales for your business, is only an added advantage. Since it is closer to your customers, your shipment will reach them faster as well. Fast delivery only means a happy customer!

To reiterate

Warehouse location and construction need to happen legally, cost-effectively, and adhering to region-specific permits. Based on the kind of products your business deals with, you need to narrow down the location of your warehouse. Also, as mentioned above, you want to ensure that your products reach the customers on time and without any damage. If you’re looking for a logistics aggregator that not only delivers the consignments with care but also ensures a satisfactory experience, then choose Dash101. It is a Shop101 product that functions across 27,000+ pin codes, charging only INR 23/500gms as its shipping cost. The best part is that you can track your shipment in realtime. So, do check out the services!


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