Facebook Advertising 101! Here's what every beginner needs to know!

What a beginner should know about Facebook Advertising!

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is an incredible place to be as a business owner. Considering the number of people who use Facebook, the presence of any business on this social media platform helps it grow multiple folds if used correctly. Besides a marketplace where a business can list its products for free and reach an audience where it is already present, Facebook also allows its users to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. These ads are not a tough nut to crack if a business follows a set of rules.

By the end of this blog, you will be able to understand how to make your Facebook ad catchier, the elements of a Facebook Ad and the character limits for the text.

Elements of Facebook Advertising

What makes a Facebook ad a whole? What makes it complete? Well, to put it simply, elements of the Facebook ad make it complete. An ad typically contains a headline, a subheading, a copy, an image, a call-to-action button, etc. These elements make the ad more relatable to the target audience and can generate better outcomes or desired outcomes.

1. A great copy

We can make Facebook advertising successful and achieve the desired objectives with a great copy. A copy that is short, along with being witty, engaging, creative, or educational, depending upon the audience you are targeting.
A copy is basically the text that goes on the image. The copy of the ad should convey the message clearly.

2. A catchy design

A design that is catchy and resonates with your target audience will help you get better results. Designs that are crowded, don’t align with the copy and give mixed signals often end up in low-performing ads. In short, the Facebook ad needs to be clean, relevant, and clear for it to yield expected results.

3. A powerful CTA

CTA is the abbreviation for Call-To-Action. The term, true to its meaning, is a written directive that encourages users to take the desired action. Facebook advertising allows the promoters to include a CTA at the end of the design. The promoters can then choose an appropriate CTA. The CTA needs to be relevant to the design and copy. CTA determines the next destination in the user journey. There are a number of CTAs that you can choose from. They range from “Learn More”, “Shop Now”, “Contact Us”, and many more.

4. Post Text

Post text is technically the first copy that your audience will see when they see your ad. There is a character limit to post text. In 90 characters, try to summarise the ad in these 90 characters. The post text, needless to say, needs to be catchy and crisp.

5. Headline

The headline is a concise content piece that needs to be attention-grabbing. The headline basically gives a summary of the ad. In 25 characters, sum the ad up in headline and help the audience understand the gist of the ad.

6. Description

This appears below the headline. The description helps you to add more to the already existing copy. It helps you to explore and explain the topic in great detail. The character limit for description is 200 characters.

Facebook Advertising is proven to help businesses get more orders, website visits, in-store visits, and more page visits. It helps the account get traction. While advertising on Facebook, it also allows you to select your target audience to get the best results.

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