What Is An eCommerce Website - 7 Essentials Components To Consider

What Is An eCommerce Website? 7 Essentials Components To Consider!

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The advancements in technology have made it easy to sell online. From adding unlimited products to an online store to managing them via CMS (Content Management Tools), all of this is possible because of eCommerce platforms, rather eCommerce websites. Firstly, let us understand, ‘What is an eCommerce Website’?

What is an eCommerce Website

An E-Commerce website is nothing but an online portal that enables online transactions in exchange for products and services. This enables the transfer of customer information via online payments over the internet. Back in time, the medium used for an eCommerce business was a phone call or E-mails. However, changing times and advancements have transformed a long database into a single website, catering to every retail need.

eCommerce Websites Best Suited For? 

Generally, one assumes that eCommerce websites can be used by everyone. However, that’s not the case. These websites cater to online business owners. When we say products, we mean simple ones rather than a custom made and once-used products.

For example, Amazon started its eCommerce website by selling books. These books are easy to stock, easy to sell, and can have an expanded reach. On the other hand, if Amazon chose to sell custom-made books based on each buyer’s preference, it would have to look out for a complex process that would require constant customer interference and alterations based on needs and preferences.

Hence, products like apparel, footwear, home décor, cosmetics can be easily displayed on an online store. Storing and shipping too won’t have a major impact. A well-managed inventory along with a comprehensive shipping strategy before production actually begins. A complex process with customizations will eliminate the essential components of a website.

Essential Components of a Website

Various eCommerce website builders such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc. has helped an eCommerce business owner to create a website in just a few clicks. Thus, easing the long process and making it affordable. There are thousands of tools available to create an eCommerce website. Some are paid, while others are free. However, keeping these aside, every website has few elements that are ‘must-have’. Hence, ignoring these elements will make an eCommerce website look incomplete.



As per research, a conversion rate of eCommerce site across different industries is 1.6%.  

When a user visits the website, navigation acts as a guide. This essential component of any eCommerce website enables users to navigate through the entire website. At the same time, the search engine also guided through the outline of the website along with its entire structure.  Complex navigation leads to less customer traction, thus higher bounce rates.

Easy website navigation calls for a smooth and effortless customer experience where one can find what they want. Once a user lands on the homepage, he/she should be able to view the categories and interlinked pages within the homepage. This is sub-divided through listings under drop-down menus within the main window.

Navigation is a key player since it needs to be created with the utmost care and importance.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind for seamless navigation:

  • A well-thought homepage design relevant for the users
  • Inclusion of essential categories
  • Limited categories
  • Search bar with relevant suggestions based on the keyword
  • Personalization based on customer information

eCommerce Web Hosting

Web Hosting

eCommerce Web Hosting is another essential component of an eCommerce website. It is defined as a system that provides space and the right tools for a store to go online. a few of these include:

  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate
  • Shopping Cart
  • Detailed Database Support
  • Trusted Payment Gateways
  • Security and permissions

A good web hosting server provides it all. This benefits an eCommerce website.

While choosing a web hosting provider, here are few pointers to consider:

  • Secured customer data and payment gateway
  • No or less downtime with highly scalable and available features
  • User-Friendly shopping cart experience
  • Ready–to-use structure for website customization
  • Single panel for multiple website hosting
  • Mobile Responsive

Today, smartphone use has leapt drastically. Online selling via a smartphone has gained importance and has gone on to redefine retail. Also, almost 1.2 billion people worldwide access the internet using their mobile phones.   This is why an eCommerce business owner should ensure that their website is compatible with a mobile screen and is responsive and screen sizes play a major role since we have a wide range of different screen sizes.

The design of the website must be optimised to ensure that it fits the small screen of a smartphone and not only customers, but Google too lists its ranking based on the mobile-friendly features of a website.


Call To Actions

As the name suggests, CTAs (Call-to-actions) are activities that a website wants its users to perform. This is displayed in various forms, such as buttons, arrows, clickable links, etc.

Certainly, the motive of a CTA is to drive conversions as it ensures that necessary action is taken. Also, a CTA needs to be visible, clear, and clickable for a user to perform an activity.

Benefits of CTAs include:

  • Increased conversion rate
  • Understand the nature of potential prospects
  • Enhanced communication between user and the website
  • Increased sales revenue
  • Increased customer loyalty


What is an eCommerce Website

Headlines are the face of any website. Moreover, a headline of an eCommerce website page answers the question, “What does the page consist of”? Hence, a headline is essential for viral marketing and it influences the psychology of a user.

Facts state that visitors do not spend more than three seconds on a website. Additionally, if your headline impacts the reader’s mind, they will stick around. Lastly, if it doesn’t provide them the correct information on what they are looking for, the website is sure to lose on potential customers.

Here are a few tips to ensure that the headline is strong and serves the purpose:

  • Ensure that the headline suits the product or brand of your business
  • Use the word ‘free’ in your headline to engage the audience
  • Headlines should be short, crisp, clear and simple
  • Use a testimonial in your headline, it gains trust in a user visiting your website
  • Emphasize or highlight what’s in store for a user
  • Incorporate sub-headlines or consecutive headlines with CTAs (Call-To-Actions) for detailed information
  • Emphasize the urgency of the context, create curiosity, but ensure its creative at the same time
  • Make certain that you are communicating with your audience and not just informing them through your headline

About Us

About Us

The ‘About Us’ section of any eCommerce website tells its audience what the brand is all about. It is termed to be the most visited page of any website, where in addition to talking about the product USPs (Unique Selling Propositions), you also provide information about its inception, brand, and employee information, an ‘About Us’ page caters to it all. The three things an About Us Page consists of are:

  • The journey of a brand, including its mission and vision
  • The brand publication features, photos, accolades, social connections, etc.
  • What is the brand all about – Personifying the images and products to give a personal touch

Furthermore, it is necessary for any eCommerce business owner to craft a detailed about us page which is attractive, informative and creates a relationship with the customer. Here are a few reasons why an About-Us page is important for an eCommerce Website:

  • It explains how unique your brand is from other eCommerce websites
  • ‘About-Us’ provides the right information for first-time visitors
  • It answers the question, ‘Who you are and What’s exactly in-store for the users’
  • It determines the credibility of the brand
  • Helps one to stay ahead of the competition
  • Increases trust among the users visiting your page

Website Content

Website Content

Content is the pillar of any website. Without good quality and relevant content, a website cannot function. There is no hard and fast rule of what type of content should be written on a website. However, relevancy is the key. The website content depends on the nature of the business.

Furthermore, homepage content is different from blog content. As a result, the ultimate goal of any content piece is to provide value for its readers. Content marketing is an important aspect of any eCommerce business. Similarly, CMS tools provided by eCommerce platforms help manage the content of your website with ease. Qualifying the content on your website will ensure higher rankings on Google.

Graphics and Images

Graphics and Images

If the content is a pillar of an eCommerce website, then visuals act as the outer paint that enhances a website’s appearance.  Visuals on a website come in different forms, such as logos, featured images, product images, background color or graphics, etc. The quality of an image impacts the user and enhances the aesthetic appeal. A human mind tends to process visuals faster than written words. And so, spending time and money in creating good quality graphics for the website should be ticked right in the checklist.

Another thing to be kept in mind while creating graphics is that it should be mobile-friendly. Large images should consist of the main products of the business, while other images should emphasize on other features of the eCommerce website.

Now that the essential components of an eCommerce are understood, you are just a step away from creating a good website.

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