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What is Customer Service and Why You Need to Know About It?

what is customer service

Best customer service is an important virtue of any business. If you are not providing it to your customers, then somebody else is. Because let’s be honest, the market competition is tough as hell. If you don’t prioritize your customers’ needs and demands, there is no chance that your business will sustain in the market. 

On the other hand, the key to excellent customer service is prioritizing your customer’s wishes. It lies in truly understanding what your customers want and then modifying the different aspects of operations according to that. 

For example, your customers might want one day delivery of products. Meanwhile you might be only offering a week long delivery because it is convenient for you. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that your customers are not shopping from you but from your competitor. And that is because your competitor fulfils the promise of delivering the products to your customers on the very next day.

Therefore, if you want to provide the best customer service to your customers, you need to step out of your comfort zone and understand what they truly want. Sometimes that might not suit your convenience, but you have to do it for your customers.

Many businesses commit these small mistakes due to which their customer service suffers. And by the time they realize this fact, they have already lost plenty of customers. But at this point, you might have several questions about customer service, what goes into it and how you can make it better. Therefore, if you are a business owner, trying to earn a name with your customer, you should focus on providing the best customer service. If you’re still figuring out how, don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

What is Customer Service?

Customer service is the assistance that is provided to the people who buy products and services from the brand. The service is provided by the brand.a nd that’s because someone who buys from a brand is naturally their customer. 

Customer service can encompass many services within them. This includes assisting the customers in making a purchase decision or helping them solve some problem online. Similarly, it can also mean fulfilling their needs. 

As an online business, you must always want that your customers have good customer service. This is because their decision to make a purchase from you directly depends on it. Here’s an example to show you the importance of customer service.

what is customer service

Suppose that a customer comes to your online store. They are looking for a pair of earrings for a festive occasion. Confused by the options on your website, they decide to contact you asking the delivery date of the products. They call you up through the phone number mentioned on your website. 

One of your customer support representatives picks up the call, or in case if you are a small business you pick up the phone. The customer asks you about the product and the delivery duration along with any other charges. You don’t pick up the phone and even if you do, you simply say that the details are mentioned on your website.

Now, there’s another seller, who the customer might call and ask about the details of the product. This seller picks up the phone, answers the call professionally and most importantly, tries to understand the needs of the customer. Based on this, they suggest a better product to the customer. Moreover, the seller also informs the customer that they will be shipping it at faster speeds because of the urgency of the customer.

From the above two scenarios, let’s take a moment to think about best customer service practices. Obviously, you will find the second case to be more preferred by the customer. And why not? After all this is what best customer service is made up of!


Customer service can have a huge impact on your business. If you take the right step and be mindful of how your actions impact the customer, you can improve the culture of your business. Remember that good customer service is what separates a reputed business from an unsuccessful one. Another aspect of good customer service is logistics. Shipping can have a huge impact on your business. For this reason, you must partner with a reliable logistics provider like Dash101. With Dash101, you can ship to 26000+ pincodes at shipping rates starting Rs 23/500gms.


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