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What is the best app to earn money online?

A lot of you may be surprised when someone asks you, “What is the best app to earn money online?”. If you told someone that you wanted to earn money online 10 years back, you would be laughed at. If you told someone 5 years back that you wanted to earn through an app, they’d tell you it’s a scam. But funnily enough, both those things are possible today. In the last decade, technology has developed immensely. Today people can earn from home. They can earn online. They can earn through mobile and desktop apps. While this may seem pretty simple for all of us who already had access to all these, things, it’s actually a major change.

In a country like India where the population is huge but a lot of people remain unemployed, being able to earn online is big development. A lot of people in remote towns, a lot of young parents, a lot of housewives, a lot of students who lack resources to move to bigger cities- all these groups often miss out on employment because they cannot physically present in big cities where opportunities are abundant. But with technological growth, not only can these people earn money online, but they can ultimately contribute to the overall economic growth.

Now a lot of people today know that it is possible to earn from home and work remotely. But not a lot of people know that you can even earn through certain apps. Yes, you read that right! Today, all you need is a mobile phone and skills! There are some really good apps that help you work online and earn money. This article will delve deeper into the different types of apps and what is the best app to earn money.

1. Upwork

If you’re someone who is skilled in one and more spheres and are looking for project-based work online, Upwork is the app for you! Upwork has gained immense popularity in the last few years. It is a trusted app that provides great work opportunities online. Most of the jobs on Upwork are project-based and contractual. You could choose to apply for short-term or long-term jobs based on your preference. Most of them pay quite well and give you a lot of flexibility. If you’re just starting out, this is a good option for you. If you’re experienced in your niche, this is the best app to earn money for you!

However, one thing you must know is that since Upwork provides so many benefits, it requires you to have a strong profile. You must build a good level of knowledge and must be skilled in what you do. You will have to apply to be considered for an Upwork profile and it is possible for people to get rejected. However, it is important to build on your skills and to reapply after some time. Once you’re in, it’s a great learning and earning experience!

2. Freelancer

If you’re a fresher, this is the best app to earn money for you! As the names says, Freelancer is a haven for all those who want to earn with the help of their skills but do not wish to commit to an organization. Freelancer is a great platform for those who want a certain level of flexibility but still want generate a productive output. It is especially recommended for freshers. This is being in Freelancer, you will find a lot of project listings and you will have to bid for them. You have to mention the amount you’d charge for the project and then based on the different bids by different people, the person/organization who posted it will shortlist and select candidates. Since freshers are likely to have lower expectations in terms of salary, this is a good place to start.

Freelancer is also slightly similar to Upwork in terms of the areas and fields it’s covered so if you’re waiting to get approved on Upwork, you could work on Freelancer for a while. It’s known to help a lot of people earn from home and it helps maintain flexibility in your work.

3. Instagram

The great thing about Instagram is that while most people love its photo-sharing features, it’s so much more than that. Instagram is a great place for creative souls who want to earn online. It is one app where you can earn in multiple ways. Content creators earn extremely well today and on Instagram, you can create content about so many topics. From travel and lifestyle to finance and fitness to self-help and investments, there are too many niches on Instagram today and content creators make a living out of creating sponsored content.

But there’s more. If you don’t want to make your life public and don’t want to be a creator yourself, you can join a creator’s team. You could join as an analyst, as a writer, as a social media manager, as a photographer- the opportunities are endless. Instagram has truly empowered so many people and it continues to do so. If you’re a creator, it is the best way to earn money online. If you’re creatively inclined, this is the best app to earn money for you!

4. Dash101

Today, the world is online and earning money online is as easy as a single tap on a smartphone. If you’re an entrepreneur and see yourself in the world of business, Dash101 is the best way to earn money. It is the one-stop for everyone who wants to establish an online shop. Dash101 helps you set up an online store and run an eCommerce platform. It also helps you do handle shipping and logistics so that you don’t have to worry about anything else. In short, if you want to manage an online store successfully, Dash101 is the app for you!

Today, the world is on your doorstep, or to be more specific, your app store! These apps will help you earn money online and use your skills to become financially independent. Working online is the future and now’s the time to get on the bandwagon. So get started and start earning from the comfort of your home!

If you want to set up an online store and need help with it, Dash101 is the best app for you! Check it out here and get going today!


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