Wix Website Builder for eCommerce Websites! Is it The Right Choice?

Wix Website Builder for eCommerce – Is it The Right Choice?

Wix Website Builder
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You might have had a check at the free website builders. Previously and by now the name Wix sounds familiar to you. However, is it the same when you are choosing the best website builder for your eCommerce business. Among all the well-known website builders; Wix Website Builder may or may not be the right choice for your business and you will know why.

Let’s have a look at Wix Website Builder!

With over 180 million users in 190 countries across the world,Wix is a popular platform for website builders and is preferred by most of the experts. Wix helps the user build a business website or a website for personal use. Building HTML5 websites on demand,Wix is easy and convenient for small business owners and online retailers.

Users can design their website with hundreds of designed templates that help in building your business website creatively and professionally. You can enjoy the website building features without paying anything but some advanced features are only available to premium plans users. 

However, to sell products through your Wix website, you might need a business plan.

Wix brings the creativity of the user as it lets you add animations on the website making your website look attractive and professional. 

You can edit your website easily and customize templates accordingly as per your liking with hundreds of template options. 

Wix Stores 

Wix provides another platform known as Wix stores, which comes with yet many useful e-commerce features for your business store.

Users can use videos for the products or even images of the products for the visual satisfaction of the potential customers. 

With Wix stores, users can send messages and email notifications to customers. This is regarding your business sales or products making it quite reliable for the customers. The features that Wix Website Builder stores provide enables the users to include many third party plugins. All to manage the inventory, customize the transaction processes, and also keep a track of the shipping process. 

Wix eCommerce for Your Website

Users do not need to worry as Wix eCommerce provides excellent support with the helpful FAQs available on the website. It also provides 24/7 customer service to report inconvenience or request features.

The eCommerce website platform can help a user run a successful business as Wix stores enable users to sell through networking mediums such as Facebook and Instagram that promotes your business widely. 

Wix Price Plans

For those users, looking to sell products on their Wix Website Builder. You can purchase a business plan that ranges between 15$ to 40$ depending on the plan you purchase. Wix offers three business plans for it’s users,basically the Basic, Business Unlimited and the Business Vip plan. 

Although, none of these plans charge you any transaction fee permitting you to sell as many items from your online store as you want. 

We can recommend Wix as the best website builder for you if you want to set up an online store and get started quickly. It provides value to your investment with affordable monthly fees only if you desire the advanced features by Wix. 

Nonetheless, Wix Website Builder can be a reliable free online website builder for your business. You can also try Dash101 as your one-stop online store creator. The full-stack eCommerce platform lets you build your website in less than a minute and in 4 simple steps.


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