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Building Your eCommerce Store with WooZone

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Selling online can seem like a challenging task. But, those who dare to look past the challenges, savour its profits.

Most people find selling online difficult, because of the complicated tasks that go on in the background. However, there’s a way to put an end to these.

A lot of companies indulge in affiliate marketing today. The number of bloggers/ influencers keeps on increasing with each passing day.

With Amazon’s Affiliate Program in practice, using the Woozone plugin helps a lot of site owners. It helps them commercialize their website and generate income sitting at home. 

WooZone Plugin for Effective Amazon Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is the new upgrade in modern marketing services. The influencers and experts in their fields enjoy a huge fan following, can make it big with affiliate marketing.

They have to handpick their preferred products in the category of their expertise. The next thing to do is to create a web store of their own using a plugin.

Homemakers and students looking to earn some extra income by putting minimal efforts should try using WooZone.

This becomes a great business model for entrepreneurs who aspire to run their business online. Affiliate marketing is also beneficial for customers to learn and gain knowledge from the learned in their respective fields.


More Than Just a Plugin

WooZone, a premium WordPress plugin, helps millions of site owners and bloggers in making money online. It provides you with ample features with every version and in every package that you choose.

All they have to do is import the Amazon products they like to their page. Combining this with a free WooCommerce plugin, the Amazon products appear as products on the blogger/owner’s website. 

Know More About the Plugin and Its Usage

WooZone, rebranded as WZone, makes the job of e-commerce website owners easy and hassle-free. In spite of the multiple renditions Amazon keeps on making from time-to-time, WooZone provides a good experience. With the newly updated versions available, the techies have it easier than ever.

Direct import of products from Amazon without the API keys is now possible for users with the latest versions. API stands for Application Programming Interface that helps the programmers get access to the Amazon products’ catalogue data. 

New affiliates no longer need to generate at least three qualified sales for Product Advertising API. The latest update of Direct Imports provides the opportunity of simple import with multiple variations.

This also implies importing the same products to numerous websites at the same time. The objective of using a WooZone plugin is to display the Amazon products as the best sellers. Alternatively, WooZone also displays them as the best products on your WooCommerce store.

WooZone helps in adapting the latest Amazon variations quickly. It comes with additional features such as:

  • Updating prices using remote Amazon images via API
  • Importing product reviews and ratings
  • One-click product import from Amazon etc.

WooZone lessens the manual work for the techies. It helps them leverage the benefits of the latest technological updates. 

However, WooZone demands a few prerequisites for usage. WordPress and WooCommerce are essential tools as it is a plugin for WordPress. Both are free to use. 

WooZone 10

The new version of WooZone that has been recently launched is WooZone 10. Some of its new features include chrome extension. This helps in importing products without using Amazon API keys. By installing WooZone from the chrome plugins, sellers can import the Amazon products hassle-free.

Post installing, visit the product page on Amazon that you want to list on your website. Your plugin will automatically list the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) of these products. You can use these ASINs to import products to your store in the future.

The next step is to download the CSV file that contains the entire product ASIN list. You will have to change the list option to comma-separated values, for multiple products. Moreover, you can add these products from numerous Amazon stores located in different parts of the world.

The plugin will also help you maintain individual lists of different locations. Make sure to change the Amazon store location in Amazon Configuration. Change it to the country you’re importing from and then import the products.

Additional Benefits

WooZone also offers the Insane Imports option, which is beneficial for selling online. This indicates the crazy amounts of imports that this plugin offers and how simplified it has now become for the affiliates to avail of this feature using the chrome web extension.

While importing the products, this feature also helps you pick out the best products in the category, including Amazon’s best selling products, to optimize the product range available on your website. 

The plugin is extremely fast-paced in terms of importing the products. On any given day, with a decent server speed, hundreds of products can be easily imported to a given WordPress site within a few seconds.

To edit the products listed on your website, you can simply use the WordPress editor, and that will do the job. Once the products are imported to your website, they become WooCommerce products that can be easily edited just like any other WordPress post, or a WordPress page.

It is advisable to publish search engine optimized descriptions of products with relevant keywords to make sure your product stands out from the lot. With every successive update of WooZone, it becomes easier for the WordPress publishers associated with Amazon to import the products and create a special product listing page on their respective websites. 


WooZone: An Efficient Choice 

WooZone plugin is an easy to operate plugin that is compatible with Amazon’s terms and conditions for its affiliates. Moreover, you don’t need the access to Amazon’s APIs anymore, especially after the availability of Chrome Extension.

WooZone comes as a standalone plugin that is compatible with the most common WordPress themes. The second option to buy WooZone is with its bundle package that comes with the following:

  • The plugin
  • A supported Kingdom theme
  • Amazon Discount Finder
  • WooZone Contextual Plugin.

Overall, these offerings aim at providing ultimate benefits to the affiliates, over any other Amazon Affiliate plugin. 

WooZone uncomplicates selling by the process of dropshipping. The seller is just a website owner without any actual inventory. The order, on the other hand, is shipped and delivered by another party.

The plugin also gives you a report that can be used to analyze the business stats. This can be seen at the WordPress Dashboard, under the WooZone category.

Automated reports, including the performance status, are also sent to the website owner by the plugin. This makes this plugin 100% reliable and effortless to use. 

The variety of Amazon plugins available in the market is unending. Each one claims to be better than the other.

However, WooZone has been proven to be the best one to adapt to all the Amazon updates. It also copes easily with the changes that the company has been making in its affiliate program. Ultimately it passes the benefit hassle-free and seamlessly for the website owner/influencer.


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