Is WordPress Safe for eCommerce Websites? Let's Find Out

Is WordPress Safe for eCommerce Websites? Let’s Find Out


With over 60 million websites on the internet, WordPress is one of the best website builders. WordPress attracts users as it is free of cost and also helps the user in managing the content easily. Let’s find out if WordPress is actually safe for eCommerce websites.

Content Managing System – WordPress


WordPress is a popular Content Managing System with its open source nature in favor of the users. 

However, this system is observed as a digital threat to most of the websites by its users. Most of the users decide to drop WordPress as the building platform for their website under the assumption that WordPress is convenient and risky, at the same time. 

Well, the fact is that this platform is safe and reliable for all the websites and their operations. There are millions of popular e-commerce websites that are still running smoothly and successfully on WordPress. 

Even though the platform ensures total security for your websites, it is also the duty of the users to undertake all the measures that assure the security of the website from their side as well. 

Measures Taken by WordPress

Let’s have a look at the safety measures taken by WordPress for the safety of your website

WordPress includes some of the features that run the safety of the website:

  1. SSL certificate integration 
  2. Secure payment gateway 
  3. Security plugins 
  4. Firm login requirements 

WordPress also informs the users as soon as they identify security problems on the website. This helps the user in solving the issues and staying updated regularly. 

Another security feature considered by WordPress is that the themes and plugins used from the platform are safe. WordPress modifies the plugin or theme which has been detected with a security problem. The completed changes and modifications are updated to the users of the platform with the verification of zero threat to the website. 

User Guide

At times, the users themselves make their website unsafe and risk hacking of the websites. The user should always consider all the below things to keep their website safe including :

  1. Strong admin login password 
  2. Secure website server 
  3. Safe Internet connection 
  4. Harmless domain registrar account 
  5. Secure plugin or theme 

It is better to keep an eye on all the above reasons that compromise the security of your website on WordPress. 

How To Manage Website on WordPress

Let’s have a look at some of the ways on how you can manage your eCommerce website on WordPress safely 

Web hosting 

A reputed web hosting company can help you with the service of self-hosting a plan instead of a shared host which risks the safety of the website. Secure features like SSL certificates, Web Application Firewall, and DDoS protection are provided by good web hosting companies. 

Web design company 

You can take the help of a well-known website design company to regularly update your website core. The safety of your website is well managed with regular updates and security features.

Firm login credentials 

The login credentials should be strong because these credentials can give access to your website to anyone, no matter who the user is. WordPress helps generate a strong password that won’t be an easy guess for hackers. Thus avoiding unauthorized access to your website. 


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