Dash101 Blogs - Zipping Vs. Dash101: Which is the better courier partner?

Zipping or Dash101? Which is a better courier partner?

Gone are the days when businesses were limited by region or by scale. With improvements in transportation and in technology, small businesses can now expand and sell pan-India. Shipping and logistics services have made it easy to scale up your business. If you’re a small business owner, this is great news! Since shipping is very common now, shipping costs have also reduced. You can ship most products, except perishable goods at very affordable prices. Most small businesses usually opt for courier services to ship products. This is because Indian speed post does not offer fast delivery and a courier partner is more effective and diversified.

It’s very important to note that the courier service you partner with will greatly determine your success as a brand. While your brand idea and content may impress a customer, what matters the most is the condition of the product when they receive it. Partnering with a reliable courier service means investing in the success of your own business. This is why you must research the options thoroughly before selecting a courier partner. To help you decide which is the ideal courier partner for you, we will now compare 2 logistics services, Zipping and Dash101. We will do this by comparing the two on different parameters.


As a business trying to scale up, it is important to reach a wider audience and for that you must be able to ship to more people. While shipping comes under the scope of a courier company, it is important to assess that before making a decision. Out of the 2 brands in question, Zipping offers shipping to over 15,000 pin codes. Now this number may seem good enough. However, when you compare it to Dash101, which offers courier services to a mammoth 27,000+ pin codes, Zipping’s services seem limited. If you’re a business owner wanting to expand, it makes sense to partner with Dash101 because with Dash101, you can access a much bigger part of the population. Thus, in this aspect, Dash101 is the better courier partner.

Shipping Rate

As a small business owner, you will know that costs are very important and they tend to keep piling up. If you want to make your business profitable, you will need to be as stringent as you can be. This is why it’s important to opt for a courier partner that offers shipping at the lowest rate possible, without compromising on the quality. When it comes to Zipping vs. Dash101, Zipping offers courier services starting at INR 29. But Dash101 offers courier services starting at INR 23. When it comes to a business, every single rupee counts and so, for a business that aims to ship multiple orders, Dash101 is the optimal and economical solution.

Courier Integrations

Now a layperson might not understand the importance of courier integrations but it is very significant for a business. If a courier service has fewer integrations, that means as a business you have less options to choose from as far as shipping your product is concerned. If the courier service has more integrations, it gives you more options and thus, is a better thing. Zipping has just 4 courier integrations whereas Dash101 has over 8 courier integrations which give your business an edge.

Thus, as can be seen from the abovementioned parameters, Dash101 is a much better courier partner since it has greater reach, lower rates and more integrations. If you are a business owner who is considering shipping pan-India, Dash101 is the only logistics partner you need. With Dash101, you can #DoItAll. So download the app today and get started!


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