Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Online Store
Creating a store on Dash101 is very easy. Simply download the app, add products and your store is ready. Share the link with your friends, family and customers and start getting orders.
Under ‘Manage Your Business’, click on ‘Add/Manage Products. Now tap on the ‘+Add Products’ on the bottom of the app, and you can choose to manually add products or even import them directly from Instagram.
You can sell anything you want as long as it is not dangerous or illegal under the government rules.
A smartphone and a good internet connection are all the tools you need to start your online business on Dash101.
Under the free feature, you can upload 20 products. If you wish to add more, you will have to upgrade to the MegaBoost plan.
You can go to Store Settings and define your own return and shipping policy. This will be displayed upfront on your website.
You can manage each order from the app by yourself. Your customers will be informed automatically as per the updated status. To know more, click here.
Whenever you take any action on the order and change the status according to that action, your customer gets an email notification and SMS about the details of the changed status on their registered email ID and mobile number respectively.
You can promote your business on multiple social media platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, Sharechat, etc. You can also make your business more visible on Google through our RapidGrow plan.
Yes, you can easily promote your business on social media by directly sharing your website or products through the app.
Social media is the most popular way to make your new business go viral. At Dash101, we understand the importance of social media for promoting small businesses and have created tools that help you share your store and your products easily on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, ShareChat, Moj and many more.

Whether it is sharing product images in a single click, sending customer personalised recommendations or your store-related tailor-made messages for a good brand image, we have it all!

SSL certificate is what enables your website to become HTTPS which is a more safe and secure server for the owners as well as the customers shopping on the online stores.

All the stores created on Dash101 have SSL certificates so that customers can have a safe, secure and tension-free experience.

Yes, Dash101 is extremely mobile friendly. It has designed keeping in mind the convenience of our customers. In addition to being able to be managed completely from a smartphone, it is also light-weight for faster loading.
We offer multiple payment options through PayU integration, including prepaid and COD. In prepaid, your customers can choose to pay via credit/debit cards, netbanking and UPIs.
Your earnings are transferred every week directly to your bank account. For money transfer to be a smooth process, please make sure to update your bank details with proof on the app.
You can choose multiple options:
1)Self-collection: No charges apply
2)Online payments- 3% of the bill value as payment gateway charges
3)Cash on delivery (COD)-
a)Self-delivery-No charges
b)Via Dash101 shipping partners- click here
For using online payment and Dash101 shipping services:
Activation- Update bank account details with proof on the app
Payment Process-
1) Get your money every tuesday directly in your bank account along with a detailed payment report.
2) Only the above applicable charges will be deducted.
3) For detailed payment process, click here.
It will not be possible to use your own payment gateway. We have integration with PayUMoney.
NDR, also known as non-delivery report is a term used when an attempted delivery by the 3PL could not be completed. In simple terms, if your shipment was sent out for delivery to your customer but for some reason did not reach your customer, a non-delivery report is generated.

The seller then has two choices – either attempt redelivery or return the package to origin, also known as RTO. If a seller does not take action against the non-delivery report then it reduces the chance of delivery for the case and hence RTO increases for the seller.

Surveys by 3PL courier companies reveal that the most common causes of a failed delivery are as follows:

  • The customer is not reachable
  • Address is incomplete
  • COD is not available
  • The customer has rejected the package


Courier Partners
No, Dash101 also provides shipping and logistics solutions under its sub-brand, Dash101 Logistics. It is integrated into the app and you can also login to the logistics dashboard separately on the web.
Yes, you can choose to ship from any of our 8+ courier partners. You can also allow our smart engine to help you choose the cheapest and fastest delivery partner, or create custom priority lists with courier partners of your choice.
Our 8+ courier partners offer deliveries to over 27,000 pin codes.
Yes, we allow you to offer your customers COD options, where we will pick up the money from your customer on your behalf and deposit it into your bank account.
Yes! Our innovative weight discrepancy management system allows you to easily raise weight discrepancies on the dashboard. Once you’ve raised the request, we resolve the issue quickly on our end.
If you have an online store on Shopify or WooCommerce, you can easily integrate your online stores on our dashboard. We are currently working to help open our integration services to include other platforms as well.
Select ‘Self-collection’ in the store set-up. You can add tracking id for each order. This will allow your customer to track the order easily.
RTOs or Return to Origin is when a customer returns an order after accepting it. If for some reason, the customer would no longer want their delivery, they can choose to return it and it gets returned to the manufacturer. We also offer delivery to another address in returns.
Yes of course! Dash101 offers multiple options to help reduce your RTOs.
Yes, once you place the shipment order on the Dash101 seller panel and add the customer details, you’re done! The delivery partner will send a delivery associate to pick up your parcel, provide you with timely updates at different delivery stages and deliver it to your customer.
Our fake address prediction model helps flag incorrect or wrong addresses to help manage your NDR and reduce your RTOs.
Yes, you can easily manage your logistics account through our seller panel on the desktop.
Dropshipping is a technical term for reselling. A risk-free, no-investment business model, dropshipping or more commonly known as reselling, is one of the most popular businesses among new entrepreneurs.

You can definitely start your own reselling business on Dash101. In fact, Shop101- a reselling platform made by the same brains behind Dash101 is India’s #1 trusted reselling app. You can start your own store on Dash101 and sell products from Shop101 on Dash101 too.

Returns & Exchange
Dash101 is an online platform for independent sellers and each shop is free to set up its own return and exchange. However, setting up customer-friendly policies help in more sales and happy customers.


Letting your customers know about your website is easy. You can create your own business logo or visiting cards to help your business stand out. You can also share these visiting cards with your customers through WhatsApp directly from our app.
Yes, you can! When you purchase our RapidGrow plan, we remove our branding from all communications that goes out through your business.
Dash101 has enabled users to stay in touch with their customers via various mediums such as WhatsApp, social media, email notifications and regular SMSes. For more information, please refer here.
Share your product images with direct links using the ‘Share Head’ feature from the ‘Store Settings’. To know in detail, click here.

Please note that this feature is currently available only in Android phones.

Check orders and sales corresponding to each customer easily with one click in the Customer section of the app.
Check out your website followers in the Lists tab in the ‘Customer’ section of the app.
Sharing your website link and products with your customers is the best way to help you grow your sales. You can also take advantage of our RapidGrow and MegaBoost plans that can help you grow your business by 10x!
Our RapidGrow and Megaboost are great plans that have been designed to help give your business a boost!
RapidGrow plan by Dash101 is a paid subscription plan which gives members access to some of our exclusive features. The features included in this package will help them grow their business 10 times in a very short period of time giving them an edge over their competitors.

Some of the features include the removal of Dash101 branding from their online stores, making online stores SEO-friendly, optimising stores for Google and Facebook ads to get more leads, shoutouts on social media, and much more. For details of the plan, click here.

MegaBoost plan is a paid subscription plan by Dash101 which helps members grow their business ten-fold. Some of the features include access to premium themes for beautification of the online store, addition of unlimited products, inventory management, huge discounts on shipping, and much more. For details of the plan, click here
You should start with the following steps –
1) Promote products on your page : Upload products on Shop101 app and post product links on your Facebook wall or page directly from the app.
2) Set quick replies : Set instant replies for your customers enquiring on your Facebook page.
Facebook Page > Settings > Messaging > Send Instant Replies…
Message Sample –
Dear Customer, we will get back to you shortly. In the meantime, check out our website –
You should start with the following steps –
1) Add your website link to your Instagram Bio website section.
2) You can share your link directly whenever a buyer enquires on DM.
  • Add your customer’s contacts from your phonebook in the Customer section of the app.
  • The added contacts will be sent an instant SMS about your new website link.
  • They will be reminded of your website via weekly SMS and Email, whenever you will add new products on your website.