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Ship Effectively with Dash101 Business School

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Logistics and how to start shipping?

Courier Partners
No, Dash101 also provides shipping and logistics solutions under its sub-brand, Dash101 Logistics. It is integrated into the app and you can also login to the logistics dashboard separately on the web.
Yes, you can choose to ship from any of our 8+ courier partners. You can also allow our smart engine to help you choose the cheapest and fastest delivery partner, or create custom priority lists with courier partners of your choice.
Our 8+ courier partners offer deliveries to over 27,000 pin codes.
Yes, we allow you to offer your customers COD options, where we will pick up the money from your customer on your behalf and deposit it into your bank account.
Yes! Our innovative weight discrepancy management system allows you to easily raise weight discrepancies on the dashboard. Once you’ve raised the request, we resolve the issue quickly on our end.
If you have an online store on Shopify or WooCommerce, you can easily integrate your online stores on our dashboard. We are currently working to help open our integration services to include other platforms as well.
Select ‘Self-collection’ in the store set-up. You can add tracking id for each order. This will allow your customer to track the order easily.
RTOs or Return to Origin is when a customer returns an order after accepting it. If for some reason, the customer would no longer want their delivery, they can choose to return it and it gets returned to the manufacturer. We also offer delivery to another address in returns.
Yes of course! Dash101 offers multiple options to help reduce your RTOs.
Yes, once you place the shipment order on the Dash101 seller panel and add the customer details, you’re done! The delivery partner will send a delivery associate to pick up your parcel, provide you with timely updates at different delivery stages and deliver it to your customer.
Our fake address prediction model helps flag incorrect or wrong addresses to help manage your NDR and reduce your RTOs.
Yes, you can easily manage your logistics account through our seller panel on the desktop.
Dropshipping is a technical term for reselling. A risk-free, no-investment business model, dropshipping or more commonly known as reselling, is one of the most popular businesses among new entrepreneurs.

You can definitely start your own reselling business on Dash101. In fact, Shop101- a reselling platform made by the same brains behind Dash101 is India’s #1 trusted reselling app. You can start your own store on Dash101 and sell products from Shop101 on Dash101 too.

Returns & Exchange
Dash101 is an online platform for independent sellers and each shop is free to set up its own return and exchange. However, setting up customer-friendly policies help in more sales and happy customers.

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