Industry Leading Features For
Rock Solid eCommerce Logistics

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Industry Leading Features For
Rock Solid eCommerce Logistics

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Shipping Partner Recommendation Engine (SPRe)

Finding the right courier partner is tough, which is why we’ve created an intelligent algorithm the Shipping Partner Recommendation Engine to help make these choices easier.

Weight Discrepancy

Weight differences weighing you down? Easily raise and solve disputes with Dash101 Logistics’ unique Website Discrepancy Model. No more running around, solve weight issues with a few simple clicks on your Dashboard.

Sync & Import Orders

Control your entire business from 1 easy to use dashboard.
Automatically sync your orders from all stores in one place with just a few clicks.

Automated Shipping Solution

Help automate your entire business by choosing Dash101. With our seamless automated processes, reduce manual processes, easily sync your orders, and manage your operations from a single dashboard.

NDR Management

Automate your NDR management and easily handle your undelivered orders with just a few clicks.

Multiple Payment Options

Make payments easier with multiple payment options with our PayU payment gateway. Don’t lose out on customers due to limited payment options and no COD

Smart Engine

Step into the future with our AI. Easily grow your business with our artificial intelligence and machine learning engine to increase successful deliveries and reduce RTOs.

RTO Management

Get the best return services for your business. Make returns easy and cheap with Dash101

Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is often difficult and expensive for shippers. With Dash101 Logistics, we make reverse logistics easy and cheap.



Offer complete business transparency and always keep your customers in the loop. They will know where their deliveries are at every step of the way, with our extensive notifications.

Free Powerful eCommerce Website

Grow your business reach by going Social. Get a free online store with Dash101 and stay in touch with your customers, always.

Set up your free eCommerce website with our easy website building tools and just a few simple clicks.

Live Rate Calculator

Get real time rates and serviceability information before you even start shipping.

Shipping Rate Calculator

COD Reconciliation, Reporting and Settlement

No unnecessary recharges! Use money collected by Dash101 for COD to make payments for future shipments.

Bulk Shipping

Want to send bulk shipments? Dash101 makes it easy! From uploading bulk products to shipping, we can do it all.

Channel Integrations

Have multiple stores with Shopify and WooCommerce. Integrate all your stores with Dash101 and control them all from one easy Dashboard.

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